What Were Biden’s First Actions Taken In Office?

I was just watching a few videos by Tucker Carlson of Fox News, here’s another one about the oil project Biden shut down costing 11,000 jobs on his first day in office, while signing another order to allow more illegal aliens to stay in America if caught.

He said “we could easily absorb two million extra people in a heartbeat”, regardless of why they were there, and regardless of the fact that the USA is in debt up to it’s eyeballs. I just saw a news story from the left that had people on the verge of starving in a poor Southern state due to the governor not providing enough stimulus checks.

The simple fact about lock downs is if you tried to do what they did in Victoria, Australia in every state of the USA, it would cost over 5 trillion dollars in government stimulus to pay people welfare, (called jobseeker payments there).

This doesn’t take into account the lost taxes the government takes in from the lost businesses, lost jobs, destroyed export industries, etc, and that’s about 1 percent of all the money in the world added to the national debt in less than a year, with interest payments on that continuing forever, as they can’t ever pay back anything but the interest on the loans, and they can’t pay it back, that’s why it keeps increasing.

They were already in quantitative easing to infinity, printing money like mad to make it look like they have any, which lowers the value of everyone else’s money.

You can’t do it, you never could do it, the flu shot doesn’t work, this new one is experimental and more dangerous, you can’t lock down the world forever, and they never should have tried to in the first place.

People get the flu, old people die, then you reach herd immunity and the immune system adapts to the new threat like what happens every year, when a new, mutated flu virus always happens and has happened for millions of years regardless of whether or not they made this one in a lab on purpose.

The one area where government probably should be involved is the one area it’s never going to be, which is limiting the power of the most powerful monopolizing corporations and taxing them fairly.

The reason they aren’t going to do that is because they bought the US government over a century ago, both parties, over the table, they pay for each party’s election campaign.

If for a second the US government, (a corporation owned by the corporations), wanted to raise taxes through the roof on those particular people, the richest, most powerful people in the world, they’d either leave the country and set up their corporation in a tax haven like Facebook and Google did in Ireland or Singapore, (2% tax rate) or just shoot the president.

6 US presidents out of 46 have been shot, four killed, there’s been even more attempts on their lives that didn’t manage to land a bullet in them, but Trump got de-platformed off social media and threatened with legal action as quickly as millions of other people did who weren’t president of the USA.

Trump got silenced more easily by claiming to incite a “riot” or “insurrection” involving a handful of people dying in serious protest of legitimate grievances about election fraud and loss of freedoms than he would have if they had planned an assassination.

Joe Biden himself is an old man with dementia, he does what he’s told, they have dirt on him, that’s about all he needs to be, somebody else always made the decisions anyway.

Now that he’s president, the coronavirus is over unless they want it to exist again, and it’s time for the great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, changing what it means to be human, “building back better” or the “future we want” and all their politically correct liberal catch phrases that ultimately seem to mean a country and a world that looks exactly like China, but pretending to be “green”.

I don’t really even want to know, but I can’t seem to stop watching, it’s a like a terrible zombie soap opera, but always a cliff hanger at the end of each episode. Here he is sounding half asleep, or half dead, signing orders to make masks mandatory for everyone, while he poses in photos in groups without them.

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