Biden Plans Reeducation Camps For Trump Supporters

So to begin with, here’s a Yahoo article about Fox pushing a “conspiracy theory” about Trump supporters being rounded up and taken to “reeducation camps” after playing a video of Katie Couric on the Bill Maher show saying and I quote:

“How are we going to really, almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?”

Katie Couric

This sentiment was echoed, or rather rammed down the throat of audiences of millions by the mainstream media, pretending to be unbiased and apolitical in their coverage of the election and all the other issues of last year.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted more sentiments of Trump supporters being put on a list and targeted for their opinions:

And of course while all this is happening, the Facebook fact checks paid for by Bill Gates and George Soros and the general rich elite corporations seeking to profit from the coronavirus and a Biden presidency continue thick and fast.

The last one I got was claiming that the WHO didn’t admit that PCR tests produced large amounts of false positives that they claimed were “asymptomatic” people even though the New York Times reported that up to 90% of those cases were false positives.

I’m not even going to try to convince people who don’t get it by now. I published a post about Simone Gold the head doctor from the Front Line doctors group.

She was talking about the dangers of the covid vaccine and how she was right all along for speaking out about them banning hydroxychloroquine, even though she got fired, and they pulled the video in a day or two.

The video is still broken but I updated the post with a link to a Facebook version of that video so you can still watch it, and I’ll attempt to update the post periodically if they continue to pull those videos every single time somebody uploads them.

This has happened over and over again with big tech’s war on information that they call “misinformation”. It doesn’t particularly matter if they get some things wrong sometimes, the vast majority of everything these people said, and everything I’ve said on this blog is backed up by multiple sources.

They censored millions of people, and got doctors fired and threatened and de-platformed for speaking the truth or having a political opinion, and then they try to suggest that after an attack like that, they are part of a cult of Trump.

And so this has led to an information war in which members of the “cult” continually try to re-upload information they are trying to censor, because they believe quite rightly that if they are trying to censor it, it must be true, or they wouldn’t even bother.

Think about that, people have been publishing “conspiracy theories” about alien lizard people running the world, trying to enslave and exterminate us, and now that it actually seems credible to millions of people, they censor it relentlessly, hence making it seem more true.

They aren’t actually alien lizard people, but they are probably Satanic, they are pedophiles, they are on crack or cocaine or something, Hunter Biden tweeted a photo of his teeth falling out himself.

I’m having trouble finding it now, Facebook banned a New York Post article about the corruption scandal with bribery from the Ukraine and China, and Hunter’s huge drug problem, but they forgot to mention what else was on that lap top and what Facebook didn’t even bother trying to fact check.

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