Is The Great Reset A Conspiracy Theory?

Many people on the “right” might not like Russell Brand, often when I post his stuff they say what a tosspot, or something like that. He’s most well known for divorcing Katy Perry because she was on drugs.

However, I found this video to be informative and enlightening. He talks about how traditionally left wing ideas like freedom and fighting for individual liberties like free speech and power to the people, have almost switched sides to the “right”.

How the populist movement of people against the power of corporations was something the left used to fight for, and still seem to say they want, while they push policies that only make the corporations richer and take away the rights of regular people.

He talks about the great reset and whether it’s a conspiracy theory or a conspiracy fact, and doesn’t really come to a solid conclusion, which is perhaps the correct position to take at this point.

Nobody really knows what’s going to happen in the future, they have made “predictions” about the future, like by 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy, we will colonize Mars and you will be eating 3D printed substitute meat.

They made those predictions on the WEF website, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen, they are just some of the most likely people to have the power and money to push things in that direction, if the people allowed them to, without resisting it.

He has a few sections from Sky News presenter Rowan Dean who also suggests that climate change is a hoax, and I don’t know if I can agree with that one either.

I was left wing for most of my life, and I looked at the science on that for many years trying to convince people who were skeptical that it was true, and anyone can see that there is such a thing as climate change.

You might not trust NASA, and you’d have just as much reason not to as any of these other powerful organizations, but you can trust a thermometer of your own and see there are more hot days in summer than there used to be.

Part of the reason why I’m so sure they have a sick plan to reduce the world’s population to lower Co2 emissions to “net zero” is because Bill Gates said that himself, in his TED talk Innovating to Zero, and I know how serious some people take climate change, based on some fairly solid scientific data.

It’s important to look at every individual claim being made as a separate issue that needs scrutiny and look at it in an unbiased and fair way, rather than just reading off the blackboard of the political “side” you’ve been told you’re on.

As I said, I was left wing, and I still am in many aspects, I’m fairly progressive in many ways, but a year ago, I started noticing that there were many problems starting to creep into their political ideology, some of which were injected into it from the rich elite corporations, who were the very people I was fighting against, in theory.

So, I keep my mind open, and try not to fall into the trap of only listening to one side of the argument, on any particular issue.

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