The Great Reset Was Planned For Years Before Covid 19

They been planning this great reset for years, decades even, don’t let anyone suggest otherwise. Here’s a video from 2015 where Klaus Schwab suggests that the world needs to “push the reset button” as he is again suggesting now, after this “crisis” of a less deadly flu.

I say less deadly because in terms of the world, the majority of the world still has large problems with malaria, cholera, tuberculosis, etc.

Only when combined together as one group of respiratory illnesses or communicable diseases does it become significant in terms of a significant cause of death from disease.

17 million die every year in the world from communicable diseases including ebola and zika and West Nile flu, but in terms of the USA for example, the coronavirus “pandemic” only increased the average death rate of previous years by ten to twelve percent over the year of 2020 and that’s only taking one specific Western country’s statistics into account.

This took out mostly elderly people, on average half a year before they would have died anyway. 78 compared to 78 and a half as an average, with 94% having other causes of death listed on the death certificate such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.

It might have changed since I worked that out, but it hasn’t changed much, it’s hard to find easy to understand statistics on the demographics of the median age of death from coronavirus that actually put it in the perspective it needs, but long story short, it’s a scam to force the great reset.

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future

Klaus Schwab, WEF

They made the virus in the lab if there even is one at all, and it’s not just the flu, which is various constantly mutating strains of coronaviruses as just some of the thousands of variations they call “the flu”.

I don’t doubt that they made it a very bad flu in the Wuhan lab there, where they were working on making biological weapons with the stated aim of coming up with cures for potential biological weapons that somebody else, (like China) might release on them.

They just happened to put the bio level 4 biological weapons lab funded by the NIH in China, because they were told to stop doing that dangerous research in the USA.

This all goes back to the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 2010 document Scenarios For Future Technology and Development, it’s lock step, a tighter system of government control based on a virus.

At the same time they released that, Bill Gates did his TED talk Innovating To Zero, in which he said we have to reduce either people or services or energy to near zero if we want net zero carbon emissions, and he had a math equation for it. Co2xPxSxE. Then came 2019 with Event 201, WHO’s world at risk report, etc.

Am I just assuming that because the Rockerfellers own the majority of the medical industry and have links to Bill Gates, and Bill Gates and George Soros fund the Poynter fact checkers, and that the World Economic Forum which just signed a partnership with the UN to fulfill agenda 2030 resolutions, (previously called agenda 21), that they all have the same agenda?

Yes. I would have to say that I am assuming they are all working very closely together, the WEF is the largest corporations in the world, they stated their goals and as for Bill Gates, he said the primary, founding reason for the foundation he inherited off his father was population control.

The Rockerfellers were great supporters of the American Eugenics society. They’re trying to sterilize and exterminate the world with vaccines, to reduce the population by ten to fifteen percent, and to force a totalitarian dictatorship that looks like China, around the world.

Surveillance and thought police with internet censorship and control of every aspect of a person’s life from start to finish, including whether you live or die, limiting of resources and freedoms, and they will tell you it’s “building back better” and they will also try to convince you the great reset has anything at all to do with “coronavirus”.

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