Who Funds The Fake Facebook Fact Checkers? The CCP?

My opinion of Facebook has never been good, for example their terms of service say they own everything you post there and can use it however they want, for example if you posted naked photos and made them private, they still own them and can sell them.

They look at every single thing you do, not just on Facebook mind you, but everything you do across the entire internet, they have software that looks at every other site you visit.

They even made software that allows you to look at them looking at everything you do just to make you feel safer about them spying on you.

Then they sell that data, not just to advertisers to run ads on the site, but through Cambridge Analytica, to anyone for any reason.

The only people who are more intrusive with their surveillance is the NSA, who do pretty much the same thing.

They sell your data of everything you do on the internet, your emails, your text messages, your phone calls, your search history, everything, to anyone who wants to buy it.

But now, they aren’t just spying on everything you do online, they’re telling you what you can say, and what you’re allowed to think.

In a Chinese style thought police operation funded in part, by the Chinese Communist Party themselves, although they aren’t the main players.

Yeah, that’s right the CCP or a Chinese company who owns TikTok called Bytedance, is funding the Facebook fact checks along with Facebook itself and Google for Lead Stories.

Bill Gates, George Soros and Google are funding Politico, Mediawise, NewsU and others through the Poynter International Fact Checking Network.

TikTok are being investigated by the US government as a serious threat to national security after it was found they were spying on American children for China. They are also under the same suspicion of spying and seeking to spy on and manipulate the political opinions of young people in Australia.

So, the people we know for certain are spying on every single thing you do online are now openly working with the Chinese communist party.

And, they are beginning to implement Chinese style thought control, social credit scores and even making laws to round up political dissidents and put them in camps.

Just in case you thought you could tolerate that because you aren’t some right wing conspiracy theorist, remember that the stories coming out of the reeducation camps of millions in China have them putting pins under people’s fingernails and up their urethra, and killing them to sell their organs for profit.

You can get put in one of these camps for having a religion that isn’t the state religion, which is worshiping Xi Jinping and the CCP and whatever they tell you to think.

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It’s actually Buddhism, their religion, but they don’t really believe in a God as such, and they discourage any organized religion that could be a threat to their power with an iron fist.

Everything I’ve said in this article is true, and backed up by multiple sources, so if I get a fact check on this, or if I suddenly disappear, it will only prove that I was right.

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