Klaus Schwab Introducing Xi Jinping In A Speech About One World Government

Come together against global challenges and jointly create a one world government, global action, global response, global cooperation he says.

You mean like the great reset, the new world order? You mean like what we said they released the virus from the Wuhan lab to implement?

Reset.tech is live, wiping out free speech in order to implement the Chinese social credit and surveillance system which is actually now the world system because big tech and big pharma and the media and the WEF corporations and the UN, they’ve all agreed to join forces and make the world into China.

They teamed up together the globalists and the CCP to fund fact checks, they bought off the president of the USA, they used threats, bribery, blackmail, biological weapons, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, hacking attacks, as potential consequences for those who didn’t comply with this world takeover.

But they didn’t even need that for the largest powers, they’re on board, so it’s just whether the people of the world go for these massive, sweeping changes they’re trying to shove down the throat of the world, using a slightly worse flu season as an excuse, even though they made the virus in the lab on purpose, and planned all of this for over a decade.

So, with that in mind, here’s a Zen Buddhist Chinese koan for good luck:

When the Zen master Daito saw the Emperor Godaigo, who was a student of Zen, the master said:

We were parted many thousands of kalpas ago, yet we have not been separated even for a moment. We are facing each other all day long, yet we have never met.

(A kalpa is approximately 1.2 trillion years.)

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