Reset.Tech Creates A List Of Misinformation On Covid 19

The great reset has a website called Reset.Tech and "every industry in the world must follow the rules".

I saw this page a live list of viral covid information in Australia, and then I realized that it was part of a global initiative called as in the great reset.

Here is a quote from the about page:

We are an initiative engaged in programmatic work on technology and democracy. We provide grants and contracts while working alongside partners with a shared policy, technology, and advocacy goal in countries with immediate opportunities for change.

We operate internationally to ensure that the commercial interests of Big Tech companies are compatible with the values of robust and resilient democracies.


So in order to ensure democracy, they are creating a list of opinions they don’t like, funded by pro vaccine organizations like The Imunisation Foundation of Australia as just one of these organizations on that Australian page.

I’m writing this from Australia, but I’m sure if you tried you could find that same page with local organizations in any country in the world.

They wrote a letter to the Australian government, and I’m assuming every country in the world, with funding from big pharma and big tech to ask the government to push a further crack down on “misinformation” or free speech through social media, so that it might seem like the Chinese Communist party, big tech and big pharma who are funding the Facebook fact checkers aren’t doing it by themselves.

“We must reset the rules to stop Big Tech companies profiting from public harm. We can redirect their ambition and innovation to achieve better goals. Code can be changed, markets can be regulated, democracy can be strengthened.

Every other major industry – automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, banking – must follow rules that protect the public interest. The Big Tech companies which now have a huge impact on so much of our daily lives should be no different. Yes, businesses should pursue commercial success. But they should do well by doing good.

We believe the internet can once again become a force for good, not a marketplace for manipulation by the highest bidder.”

About Page of Reset.Tech

Yes every other industry in the world must “follow the rules” according to these totalitarian megalomaniac psychopathic villains like Klaus Schwab from the WEF who are taking over the world, according to them in the great reset.

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