The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Artificial Intelligence

This video explains that the fourth industrial revolution, (most famously talked about by Klaus Schwab from the WEF) is artificial intelligence, robotics, transhumanism, replacing humans with machines one step at a time.

It explains how they largely don’t need people anymore to make products in a factory and how most jobs will be replaced by machines and the countries that do that the fastest will have the competitive edge.

It predicts that Germany, (where Klaus is from), South Korea and Japan are leading the race for putting robots to work instead of humans, and will begin to catch up as global powers to the USA and China.

The USA is not in a good position, they owe trillions to China, they have a national debt for a tenth of all the money in the world, and are printing money like mad to keep up with their debts, at least as a government.

This is not necessarily the case for some major corporations who are based in, or originated from America, but they largely found tax havens or tax loopholes and so aren’t really even attached to the USA at all.

They don’t need the USA any more, it’s a liability, literally. The cost of paying for the social security of millions of people when that’s part of the national debt the government borrowed, on top of the millions more people they will have to pay to be on welfare if they turn over all these jobs to robots is more than they can reasonably expect to survive, without financial collapse, without the extra expense of the coronavirus measures.

That is, unless they manage to tax these mega corporations and billionaires who made more than ever over the last year and who had already escaped the country to tax havens like Ireland, and Singapore, where they pay less than the average full time worker.

The problem with this of course is the corporations were using government as a way to get rich, it was their thing the whole time, they pay for both parties election campaigns, they own the Federal Reserve Corporation, they own all the corporations.

So, if the corporations want to maintain this capitalist global structure of competition between countries, it’s no longer in their interest to have population growth to increase the growth of their wealth, it’s in their interest to have population reduction and for various other reasons as well.

Elon Musk, who called his baby with Grimes XAI A12 and who wants to put a computer chip in people’s brains said that we would be facing a population collapse very soon.

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