The Government Plans To Destroy Google Searches

This is the video I was greeted with when looking at a Google search today. I have heard about this coming since last year.

Instead of Google being paid to promote certain links as ads, they are suggesting that Google should pay certain “chosen” news outlets for the right to show their links, and also not allow them not to pay to show these propaganda pages from mainstream media outlets.

Just have a read of that again, and a think about it. They’re suggesting that in order to run the largest search engine in the world, they have to run it based on what these biased, lying, slimy little weasels tell them to put on the search, and pay them for the privilege to push their propaganda.

As I’ve been saying, we’re being taken over by a Chinese style thought police operation, with the CCP funding Facebook fact checkers along with big pharma and big tech and the media, and they’re using the “covid crisis” of a slightly worse flu season that they released on purpose as justification.

Justification for an Orwellian nightmare of Chinese style social credit scores, making lists of dissidents, ending cash so they can simply turn off somebody’s ability to transact in this new world order that looks exactly like China.

They want to put a computer chip in your brain, and a microchip in your hand, that rewards you with cryptocurrency when you do something favorable like get sterilized and exterminated with their vaccines, and they aren’t even trying to hide this.

I mean, I can only prove what I’m saying so much, I can only give you the links to the people themselves saying what they’re trying to do, and you have to decide for yourself whether it’s legit information.

If this proposal goes ahead, if they get what they want, I will be targeted as I already have been for telling you what they said themselves on their own sites, out of their own mouths, and called a dangerous conspiracy theorist spreading misinformation.

Instead of being paid for my valuable news journalism, I will be rounded up and put in a death camp and be tortured and have my organs sold for profit, like the people in the death camps in China, because that is what they want to turn the world into, China.

I’m getting sick to death with people who call me a nutcase conspiracy theorist for reporting these facts with supporting links from reliable sources.

This mainstream media article tries to use the reverse logic and say it’s Google who is screwing people over, but they both are.

“The ability to link freely between websites is fundamental to Search. This code creates an unreasonable and unmanageable financial and operational risk to our business. If the Code were to become law in its current form, we would have no real choice but to stop making Google Search available in Australia.”

Update on the news media bargaining code in Australia

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