Is The New Normal An Attack On The World?

Seeing as the CEO of Pfizer said two shots offered very little protection, if any, and the study on boosters for 18 to 49s that they tried to hide showed it doesn’t work, it never worked, they are perhaps the largest perpetrators of fraud in history, in fact they already were.

This is a documentary called The New Normal by Happen.Network which talks about the attack perpetrated on the world to implement the fourth industrial revolution, the great reset.

When I say attack, I of course mean the biological weapons attack they made and released from the Wuhan lab on purpose to implement their “new normal” or new world order.

As far as proving that goes, I can only say they pretty much told you they were going to do it before they did, in event 201, the WHO’s world at risk report, the ID2020 digital ID program to prove vaccination status that has 2020 in the name, and going back in time, the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 2010 document Scenarios For Future Technology and Development.

It’s crucial for people to understand that all of this was planned, and they didn’t even keep it a secret, it was made public in various other ways such as the patent with 666 on it from Microsoft for a reward of cryptocurrency for body activated data from a device inside a person that records their vital signs, the HR6666 bill on tracking and tracing, and various other very obvious signs to anyone who was looking out for them.

By the time this thing appeared in the alternative media as predictive programming, I already knew they planned it for years, as a fact.

They had predictive programming long before the virus was released on TV shows like Utopia, they had a Project Runway designer called Kovid with a dress that included a mask which they said was sick, who had a website called and so on, etc, etc.

If you saw one percent of the things that I saw, you would be thoroughly and completely convinced that they planned it and that they are not just sick, but evil.

When they say it’s the Jews, it’s more like the cartoonishly evil Satanists, but many of them are Jewish, that’s just a fact.

Evil as in living up to the name of the antichrist, which is what they called Bill Gates who coined the term “new normal”. Mark of the beast, 666, end of days, all that religious mumbo jumbo, but that wasn’t a conspiracy theory, that was just a religious reaction to the very real things that people saw, by the millions.

When people continually call the things I’m saying a conspiracy theory, and this a conspiracy theory site, on the one hand, I take it as a compliment.

You can’t put up with these people, we became soft and they’re testing the limits of how much they can get away with.

This is because I’ve learned that when they call me that, some people will see it as a positive thing, the actual truth coming out on these sick, evil scum perpetrating these crimes against humanity on the world, and others will just not get it, and be willfully ignorant and in denial.

They have cognitive dissonance, they don’t get that everything I just said on this page is a fact, with the possible exception of the interpretation of those facts.

I continue trying to reach these people, because it is almost impossible for any person with a brain to look at the things I saw and not see that the whole thing was planned.

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This is still not what the majority of people accept to be a proven fact and not a conspiracy theory, but it’s getting there.

When you hear them saying “build back better” just remember they were the ones who destroyed the world.

Not with a slightly worse flu, but with their manufactured reaction to the flu they made in the lab and released on purpose to take over the world, even though they pretty much already had. They are psychopaths.

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