The Divide And Conquer Strategy For World Conquest

The divide and conquer strategy has been used countless times through history, they stage a false flag attack by one side on the other, to stir up a war and hatred between groups and it has never been more apparent that such a campaign is being waged today.

It is a psy-op, a psychological operation to have people arguing amongst themselves about petty issues while forgetting about the more serious threat from the people taking over in shadows.

The divisions are along the lines of man/woman, straight/gay, right/left, mask/no mask, black/white, pro vax/anti vax, pro choice/pro life, pedo/anti pedo, Jew/Nazi, Muslim/Christian, Atheist/Religious, Satanist/Buddhist or whatever else you can think of.

Here is one of the main commentators against the lock downs in Australia who got arrested at a protest against lock downs, getting arrested at another protest again, who calls himself a proud Nazi Jew, because he supported white nationalists in the UK, who are against Muslim immigration.

To me, it doesn’t even look real, I was talking to this guy on Mewe, Avi Yemeni, or a guy who appeared to be him, with his name, draped in an Australian flag, and he was stirring up hate with Jew hating Nazis, as opposed to Muslim hating Nazis, which he called himself and has already received death threats about.

He was calling them goyim and cattle, and saying that he will be a member of parliament soon and that he was a proud Israeli soldier, bragged about killing two Palestinians with one shot because he killed a pregnant mother.

He said that he knew where one of these guys were, and that he was a kiddie fiddler in Indonesia and that “we” will be coming for you, you’re in big trouble, we know where you are and what you been doing.

I asked him to reveal how he managed to know that a guy on social media who wasn’t using his real name was in a particular country, touching kids, and he didn’t want to tell me that.

He also didn’t seem to care that it was just stirring up the anti Jewish sentiment in the group, and said that he was collecting screenshots of antisemitic comments to make a video about them.

I don’t even know if this guy was the real Avi Yemeni, but based on his videos and reports about him, he seems to be making noise and stirring up trouble, as the main part of what he’s doing, while still gaining massive support among a certain crowd.

For that matter, I seem to be doing that as well, just by reporting on the news that gets fed to me. I don’t hold hatred for any particular group of people, except perhaps for the people causing all this drama and suffering and hate at the top.

We saw propaganda blasted at us about all of Hollywood being Satanic pedophiles and even both presidential candidates were pedos, and there’s endless confrontations between police and people not wearing a mask, race riots and political censorship.

Never before has there been so much hatred and division in society based on opinions or political beliefs and it’s all being pushed on us, it’s all artificial, it’s a psy op, some have even called it world war three, an information war.

This may have something to do with the fact that media organizations, bloggers and big tech get more views, sell more papers, get more engagement in a heated discussion.

But, it also seems to be part of a highly organized strategy to divide and conquer the public, and use society itself as their army of people against people, so they have an army, rather than just being a small group of megalomaniacal psychopaths trying to take over the world.

That’s not the Jews by the way, at least not by themselves, but some people definitely think it is.

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