You Will Own Nothing And You Will Be Happy

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, they said this exact thing, “you will own nothing and you will be happy” on the WEF site in their predictions for 2030.

Now, I kind of have a Buddhist philosophy that it isn’t things that make you happy, I care about relationships with people over things, but the relationships with people have already been affected by their manipulation of our minds.

Propaganda and social conditioning has led to a society where half the people aren’t in a relationship, women work, men cannot support a family on their own, buy a house, feed their children, and this has led to a reduction in the population growth rate.

This was their goal all along, and they managed to get away with that by continually pushing the female urge for “equality” as their propaganda tool to castrate men and turn them into pussies without any power.

Yes, they turned men from being alpha male dominating warrior types, into domesticated, sad lions in a cage, begging for food, and cowering at threats from a mouse who they could eat in one bite.

These sick, sadistic monsters have destroyed our world, destroyed our society, made us into slaves, and we didn’t even notice it happening because we were told we must be “good” and follow the orders of these masters of mind manipulation.

The Vatican did it best, they managed to convince almost a billion people to kill another billion people to “convert” them to the “righteousness of Jesus” as they tortured witches and heretics for over six hundred years.

Fifty million people, they crushed their skull in a vice with a device called a skull crusher until their teeth broke and their eyes popped out of their sockets.

They stretched them until their bones dislocated on the rack, and pierced every part of their body with the iron maiden, forced a triangular pyramid up their butts with the Judas chair.

They are sick, they are evil, they are well known, for thousands of years as the most sick, evil, people in the world, yet they are called the righteous ones.

Did anyone notice that? Did anyone notice that the “holy father” the pope, that was revered as the source of all righteous words of wisdom was for the vast majority of the time the most evil, sick son of a bitch ever to walk the earth?

My view is that “they” are not doing anything good, and they never have been, you can take every single thing they tell you, and shove it up your arse, because if it comes from “them” in any way, shape or form, you know it’s psychopathic in nature, by design, and we can do without it.

The great reset. Ha! The motherfuckers who released the virus or came up with the plan to screw the world over to implement their sick totalitarian domination agenda say that it’s going to be “good” for the people of the world.

What I have to say to that is, anyone who is not forming an army against them is an enemy of humanity. Who are they? If you even have to ask who they are, you’re not paying attention. They’re the people screwing you over.

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