Double Masking, Anal Swabs And Killer Vaccines

I wrote a post not that long ago about an article in the Sydney Morning Herald from almost two decades ago where you could get fined $110,000 as a corporation if you made the false claim that masks could stop you getting SARS.

I also saw a government document that they gave you after being tested, (with a test that was never meant to be used to diagnose disease) that said that masks only work to maybe catch a droplet when you sneeze if you’re already sick, they don’t stop you from getting it yourself.

These people are no longer trying to even pretend that they’re following science, they’re just seeing how far they can screw with people’s minds, it’s a psychological test, a psy op.

I saw this experiment where they had actors in a waiting room and they would all stand up at the sound of a bell, and the one regular person in there looked at all of them doing that, and then after a few times, she started to do it too.

Then they got rid of the actors and brought in new people, and eventually everyone was standing up at the sound of a bell, though they had no idea why they were doing it, and everyone who was told to do it originally was no longer there.

They were copying people who were copying people, based on a set up, a lie, a scam, that was for no reason at all, just messing with them. Double masking, my god.

They’re now doing anal swabs in China as well, it wasn’t enough that they were using tests that were proven to be faulty by design, they now want to increase the efficiency of screwing you in the ass, by screwing you in the ass, for real.

And then there’s this vaccine which the local ABC in Australia reports has “possibly” killed a whole bunch of people and they’re going to make a “very careful clinical decision” about giving it to the old people, the risk group.

This while the experts including Fauci also say that it probably won’t stop transmission and you’ll still have to wear a mask, or two, and get screwed in the butt on a regular basis, for the rest of your life, because they really like screwing people in the butt.

Can’t say I blame them, but you know, it’s up to the other people to say no, if they don’t want to be screwed in the butt, and if the wider community of drooling retarded fools won’t allow people to say no, I don’t consent, then it’s quite reasonable to claim self defense on all of them when you respond in the way you would if you were getting raped by a psychopathic nutcase or a whole army of them.

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