The Malignant Psychopathy Of Bill Gates

I’m not even going to try to convince you Bill Gates is a psychopath if you don’t get it by now, but I will give you a bit more information about his psychopathy and the reasons behind it.

The Gates foundation was accused of sterilizing millions already, they put the HCG vaccine in the tetanus vaccine in Kenya, Nicaragua, Philippines and while they denied that, I have Melinda Gates on video at a conference on population control talking about the Pfizer sterilization injection she wants to get out to third world women in their villages so they don’t need to walk fifteen miles to get it.

The foundation, he inherited off his father, who was on the board of Planned Parenthood, which came out of the American Eugenics society, which the Rockerfeller Foundation supported, they also funded Hitler through Bayer, did tests on prisoners of war in Nazi Germany on sterilization methods and they run the majority of the medical industry.

While Hitler was working on sterilizing and exterminating those who he thought were of poor racial stock, he was working on forcing women to give birth to the “master race” with thousands of women in occupied countries made pregnant by Nazi soldiers.

“All who are not of a good race are chaff,” wrote Hitler. It was necessary for Germans to “occupy themselves not merely with the breeding of dogs, horses, and cats but also with care for the purity of their own blood.” Hitler ascribed international significance to the elimination of Jews, which “must necessarily be a bloody process,” he wrote.

Mein Kampf

Bill said on video it was the primary, founding reason for his foundation. He smiles every time he mentions the pandemic, so does she, they’re psychopaths, they’re eugenicists. The next one will really get their attention next time, they say as they smile. Every time he smiles. Every time.

Now, if you want to argue that suffering is a necessary consequence of an empire or a race competing in the world and surviving as part of a harsh world of survival of the fittest, you could do that, but if you were even going to start talking that way, I’d call you a psychopath.

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