Evidence For Ivermectin As An Effective Covid Treatment

As I say on the home page of this site, nothing I say here is to be taken as medical advice, but there’s some basic common sense I try to get across.

This video is a doctor making sure to be very careful not to say anything which could be seen as “misinformation” he just gives details about the various studies of Ivermectin and shows that everywhere it’s mentioned it is shown to be beneficial.

With hydroxychloroquine, another well known drug that has been used for decades without too many side effects, there was massive controversy.

There was a study done in which thousands of doctors said they overdosed the patients on purpose in order to get a negative result, which would not and could not have happened if they hadn’t have overdosed them knowingly.

This led to countries around the world banning it’s use for the treatment of covid 19 and a group of front line doctors coming out and saying they banned the cure, it’s murder. That fact checking site on that last link there, and others are funded by Bill Gates, George Soros and the CCP, along with Facebook, Google, big pharma and big tech.

This of course did not help at all with the “conspiracy theories” of people saying they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, it’s murder.

It also didn’t help when Fauci said masks don’t work, and then that they do, and that the inventor of the PCR test said Fauci doesn’t know anything about anything, the test wasn’t meant to be used to diagnose disease, and his job is to lie for the cameras, in an interview before he died, the year before the virus was released.

What also didn’t help was that a few months before it was released, they told you they were going to release it, in the WHO’s world at risk report, the Event 201 pre planning, and various other ways too numerous to list them all.

It sort of harms my case that I’m trying to make here that Ivermectin is a “wonder drug” as stated by various studies listed by the expert doctor in this video by going on about them making the virus, to sell the vaccine or implement a new world order.

They rushed through the vaccine at warp speed, even though it’s been killing people, hundreds or even thousands of deaths so far, and Ivermectin is still in trials though it has shown none of those side effects and very beneficial results.

With them telling people to wear two masks, get anal swab testing and take a killer vaccine, I am convinced they’re literal Satanists, nutcase psychopaths, and so it doesn’t matter what you do. They’re going to kill you, they’re just messing with you first.

While they had a daily tally of how many fake covid deaths were happening, you can’t find out how many people have actually died after taking the vaccine anywhere.

Here a fact check funded by Bill Gates says that anyone can say anything to VAERS, even that they turned into the Hulk, a cartoon character after getting vaccinated, and they would put that on the numbers of dead and injured.

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