How To Find Out How Many People Died From Vaccines In America

Somebody sent me a video in a message on Facebook, it’s just in raw MP3 format, and they didn’t want to share the link to an actual video because they thought the video would get deleted, and then maybe their account would get deleted as well.

I’m in about my seventh 30 day ban period now on Facebook, probably won’t have an account there myself much longer.

So, rather than me being able to show you the video, which was a random person showing themselves browsing the impossible to navigate system on the VAERS website using their “Wonder” system, I’m just going to tell you what they found out.

Tons of people died, many young people died, this search I did brought up 713,619 reported deaths from vaccines generally, since 1900.

This isn’t all of them obviously. They would try to tell you that just because a death is reported to a vaccine injury reporting system, that doesn’t mean it can be proven that it was caused by the vaccine.

What’s also true is they didn’t report even one percent of the deaths from SIDS or cancer or immune disorders or neurological conditions or random deaths that parents and doctors could not reasonably know were caused by the vaccines, if it didn’t happen immediately afterwards, and often didn’t report them anyway to this relatively unknown, hard to use system.

I mean here’s my Mewe profile, and at the moment, that’s the only place you can see the video, unless I upload it to YouTube, which isn’t my video to upload, and might get my account banned there, so that’s about the best I can do in explaining what the video showed, which was that hundreds of people died, and tens of thousands were injured by the covid vax.

That’s only what we’ve seen being reported so far, in the immediate roll out to health care workers, while it’s still in stage three trials officially and only available on emergency authorization, with no liability for deaths or injuries.

What I’m trying to get at is, when you wanted to know how many people died of covid in your country or in the world, you searched it on Google, and they told you immediately.

What they told you was a blatant lie, based on a test that didn’t work, but they told you something. Here, they’re very, very obviously trying to hide something. I did this search, year reported, and symptoms, and it took so long to come up with all the results, I just gave up and decided it was a hell of a lot of people.

Here’s a CDC page detailing their previous “incidents” and you might notice, this current incident isn’t on there.

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