One Mask Is Bad Would Two Be Worse?

Almost as soon as Fauci came out and changed his mind after saying that masks don’t work and then said they do, I saw violence and hatred.

Bear in mind this is the guy who funded the Wuhan lab, who the inventor of the PCR test said doesn’t know anything about anything and that he has an agenda, his job is to get up there and lie for the cameras.

I saw a masked woman throw coffee on a guy not wearing a mask and he got up and smashed her boyfriend’s nose and broke it.

I saw police with their hands around a woman’s neck, dragging her to the ground and arresting her, massive fines handed out, masks put on people by force, etc.

And now they’re saying that masks didn’t work, because they didn’t work, and so maybe it would work better to wear two of them, or three of them even.

Do you get the problem we’re having here as opponents of this insanity? They said it didn’t work, then we agreed with them and said it didn’t work and then they came out and said, OK it didn’t work, but we’re going to shove this down your throats a bit harder, and then it’s going to work.

It’s the same with the vaccines and the tests and everything, the very best you could say if you gave them the benefit of the doubt is they are hopeless, clueless, utterly incompetent.

I of course am not giving them the benefit of the doubt, my last post was titled the malignant psychopathy of Bill Gates. I’m banned another thirty days from Facebook for telling a doctor about the death camps in Nazi Germany that produced much of the medicine we see today.

They said it was bullying and harassment, in a group that talked about cutting the heads off pedophiles. I pointed out that the government is packed full of pedophiles that don’t even get jail time, ever, and they didn’t seem to want to listen to that.

Makes them feel big to pick on people they see as less powerful than them but when it comes to actually going after the real criminals, the real threat, the real evil in the world, they don’t want to think about it, and so they pretend as though it isn’t happening.

One mask is good, would two masks be better asked the New York Times who also wrote a piece about how 90% of the asymptomatic cases were actually false positives or “barely carried any virus” which in actual fact means the test wasn’t even testing for coronavirus but a scrap of DNA from an antibody response to any virus.

It wasn’t even meant to be used to diagnose disease and a goat, a tiger and a papaya fruit all tested positive, as did a freshly opened can of Coca Cola, if any of these things we’re hearing can be believed at all, from either side.

That fact check said that it did test positive, but only because they didn’t follow the instructions properly.

There’s only so much longer people are going to peacefully tolerate these psychopaths and I hope that people are getting ready for what will happen when they reach the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

It’s my opinion they are starting a war on purpose, and like in the way they started the Antifa/BLM riots that raged for almost a full year, if they want a war, they’re going to get one. The information war of divide and conquer is only the first stage.

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