George Soros And His Exhilarating Experience In Nazi Germany

Why do all these people seem to have some connection to Nazi Germany, is it just because I’m looking for it? I guess if you look hard enough you can find a connection with anybody, six degrees of separation, but more like one or two in this case.

He said working as an adopted son of a Nazi soldier helping them take away the property of other Jews was the most “happy making exhilarating time of his life“. Nothing to see there. First time I shared that video it got deleted within days though it was on Sixty Minutes.

This guy is among those funding the Facebook fact checks through his Open Society Foundation, and that isn’t even nearly the only connection he has to everything going on.

I’m in Australia and Victoria, Australia was world famous for it’s insane covid lockdowns, they called the premier Dictator Dan, and then you find out that Victoria is a George Soros Strong City, a Rockerfeller Foundation Resilient City, and they signed the belt and road deal with China.

That’s just the beginning of that story, he’s a traitor, sold out his position, as did many of these politician scum. They’re not known for being trustworthy, they’re known for having 90 year pedophile suppression orders so they can’t be arrested for touching kids.

The Rockerfeller family were also great supporters of the American Eugenics society and funded Hitler through I.G. Farben and Bayer. They run the medical industry.

So what does the Strong Cities Network run by George Soros do apart from support and encourage BLM protests while stomping on the heads of anti lockdown protesters at the same time? Even while a similar story happened all around the world?

They say the mission of their organization is managing protests and fighting against right wing extremism which they call terrorism.

Yeah, the people responsible for using a faulty test to claim that old people dying at an average age of 82, less people than died of the flu every other year, was enough to justify spending a hundred billion dollars of Australian tax payer’s money in one state of Australia alone were doing that to counter right wing extremism, not to create it.

I was far left wing until that happened, that was literally the thing that turned me into a “right wing extremist” if you would even call me that. I spoke out against the absolute mind boggling insanity to the point that I was censored from speaking at all, except on “alternative” social media sites that even still exist like Mewe or Gab.

My opinion, which should be obvious to everyone is these people, Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Jack Dorsey, Klaus Schwab and whoever else you want to name like the usual suspects, the Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers are taking part in one of the worst crimes on humanity ever perpetrated.

I could go further into it, and I have done, but let me just point out that anyone who does not understand the grievances I have at this point has a hole in their head the size of the grand canyon.

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