Bill Gates Censors Himself Saying Everyone Got Side Effects From the Covid Vaccine

It’s hard to get across to people how much censorship is going on. Somebody commented on Facebook on one of my shared posts from this site that I was full of crap.

Because I was blocked for the seventh 30 day ban in a year, I couldn’t respond to his comment, so I sent him a direct message saying that the evidence of the very real deaths and side effects from the covid vaccine is being reported and being hidden.

I said that if you want to know how many people have died so far, in the US alone, which is in the hundreds if not thousands, you will have to click on my profile, go to my site, look at my blog posts, find the particular one about that, and then go to my Mewe profile to see the video I uploaded there, that somebody sent me in file format in a Facebook message because they didn’t think that the video could be uploaded anywhere without being deleted.

They’re even censoring Bill Gates himself saying on TV last year that there were side effects with everyone immediately in the Moderna trial yet they don’t mention the side effects when saying the same vaccine is safe and effective.

That isn’t on that video I showed at the top of the page, I only showed it to you because if you go to the comments section you see this:

Heavily edited, you never showed him crap himself when he was asked about side effects, squirming like a worm when he was asked if vaccines are safe. Then somebody posted in a comment a link to a YouTube video where you could see that bit of it, and it has been deleted.

So they’re deleting the video history of Bill Gates saying the things he said, in front of everyone’s eyes, even though millions of people saw it, and are going to be even more suspicious now that they can see that they’re doing a cover up.

They are being so obvious about their cover ups that it almost seems like they’re trying to make people angry about their attempt to cover up their lies and crimes.

Like I’m not the sort of person who goes to Bill Gates a vaccine salesman who isn’t a doctor who said the primary, founding aim of his foundation was to reduce population in the world and ask him for advice, on anything.

My view is he’s a literal Satanist, a psychopath madman, he’s in league with the same people who made the virus in the Wuhan lab and released it on purpose, to make 28 trillion dollars, gain absolute control of the world through AI mind control and censorship, and to reduce the population of the world by ten to fifteen percent.

I’m not a doe eyed sheep who looks to these people like a little girl would look at their father, I get who these people are, and I’ve known for many years.

I cannot stomach people who will not admit to themselves how sick these people are, how much they’re suppressing free speech, even censoring themselves if they say something that makes them look bad.

They silenced the president of the USA, they silenced millions of people for having an opinion, which is, they suck, not necessarily that Trump is a good guy.

By playing along with their crap you make yourself no better than them. If you are a doctor and you do what these people tell you, while they actively cover up serious injury, side effects and death, you are not working in the interest of helping people, saving lives.

You are not following your oath, you are a puppet of big pharma, an indoctrinated servant of darkness and as guilty as the scientists in the Nazi death camps doing forced medical experimentation on prisoners of war.

Why am I so certain they’re evil? Just call it a hunch. I saw what happened in the side effects of the vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs they covered up. They have massive lawsuits against them for fraud, like Pfizer had the largest criminal fine ever for fraud.

Johnson & Johnson put asbestos in baby powder, Merck used to sell cocaine and killed a whistleblower recently. When people tell me to trust a doctor, because they also told me to trust big pharma companies who told doctors what they could or couldn’t do, I can’t.

Because people trust a centrally controlled system run by people who I’ve seen clear evidence are utter psychopath monsters, I can’t trust anyone in the system, period.

I cannot live with the system as it stands, I will not stop fighting against it, particularly not if it keeps getting worse with the silencing of free speech and whistleblowers, journalism with integrity and the truth.

And, I can’t live with people who even allow this to happen by not fighting against it to some degree. If you are lying by saying that this did not happen, that he never said that the vaccine caused side effects to everyone, immediately in the trials, I will call you a communist/fascist liar for the devil himself, in bed with the people who funded Hitler through Bayer. OK?

I will not accept people who say that I am some sort of conspiracy theorist nutcase for saying what they are doing, including censoring the words that came out of their own mouths.

If people want to take the goddamn vaccine that’s fine, but when they tell people they can’t not take it, or live their normal lives worried about old people dying of the flu and silence anyone who says otherwise, steal 28 trillion dollars without asking people if they want to pay these scum that money for this reason, I take it as an attack and the largest crime against humanity ever perpetrated by any group of people ever, in the history of the world.

I’m not messing around, these people are the largest threat to freedom and democracy we have seen since Chairman Mao took over China in the “great leap forward”, and they’re in league with the CCP.

One thought on “Bill Gates Censors Himself Saying Everyone Got Side Effects From the Covid Vaccine

  1. Excellent documentation of the crimes against humanity carried out by Gates and others. Great job! Stay safe now, and thanks for all you are doing to help wake people up to what is happening!!!


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