Monkey Business In America With Reality Czars

I try not to take this stuff too seriously, but the news is they’re putting together a task force of “reality czars” to overturn all privacy laws and silence anyone who hasn’t yet been silenced if they don’t like what they’re saying.

That is, if the reality that people think is real isn’t real enough for their reality czar, they’ll make it real for them, by putting them in a Chinese style death camp for reeducation.

I mean, I try not to joke about it too much, it’s almost at that level. We’ve already seen how far they have gone, and it is so extreme it has people from Antifa and the Boogaloo groups talking with each other about how their enemy was never each other, they both hated the government the whole time.

I want to repeat that point again, the far left wing had a problem with the government mostly due to heavy handed policing on drugs, particularly on minorities, for the drugs the CIA was pushing on poor minority neighborhoods to use that drug money to fund foreign armies.

And, the far right wing had a problem with the people on drugs fighting against the police, committing crimes, mostly because the drugs were illegal and expensive and they had no money because of again, the government. They kept 5% unemployed on purpose for “downward pressure on wages“.

The war was a manufactured war, if anything it was the war on drugs, the drugs the government were selling to the people, while claiming they had no tolerance.

This is how they function, they tell you drugs are bad, demonize it to a certain level that they can put a really high price on it, so they can then get hot chicks to have sex with them or give them money, to buy the drugs back from them again while making more money for them in a brothel or in porn.

They can’t do that if sex or drugs are free, and legal, safe, affordable, harm minimized, and you have to understand thoroughly, that the people in the government or who run the government, are the drug dealing, people trafficking pimps.

The CIA mostly run the illegal drug trade, they trained Al Qaeda, they trained Columbian military leaders in the school of the Americas since the forties in torture and oppression and drug dealing, for them.

Half a trillion dollars a year or a lot more if you include the rest of it, does not go to third world countries who are literally starving, it goes to the people who have the money, who own the government, who run the world, because they had the money from drugs, sex, weapons, tobacco, alcohol, etcetera, and then almost everything else.

I’m getting side tracked here. Monkeys with computer chips in their brains. AI controlling our thoughts and opinions, that’s the future. That’s the fourth industrial revolution, that’s world war three.

First thing to understand is everything you were ever taught is a lie, unless you were told that it was a lie. The internet has woken people up to that reality, that reality is very subjective and opinions are not universal, nor should they be.

With the doors of perception opened, you will perhaps start to realize we are living in a simulation, and we thought it was real the whole time, but it wasn’t, it was just what they told you was real, for an agenda.

It’s only when you see the lie and see the agenda(s) that you start to question everything, and you should question everything, even the questioning itself.

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