Was Trump Controlled Opposition From The Start?

I heard about the Qanon thing, and immediately it seemed like an election campaign run by Trump, for Trump, you know he’s the savior of the world, come to save us from the deep state Satanic pedophiles.

The thing about this is, there are deep state Satanic pedophiles, and they are the ones who came up with the campaign, and Trump is one of them.

That isn’t going to be popular, and it’s very disappointing to those who had the hope that he was going to defeat the bad guys, some of whom are still holding out hope, even saying that he still is the president by law.

Any day now, they’re going to arrest Hillary and Obama, and Fauci and Bill Gates, and lead them off in handcuffs to Gitmo.

Yeah right. Trump’s best friend for fifteen years was Epstein, said he’s a great guy, loves the young ladies, he wished Maxwell well, he said the thing he had in common with his daughter was sex on a talk show, he was charged with raping a thirteen year old girl who also accused Epstein, etc. No true or false claim on that Snopes fact check.

His daughter dated a Rothschild, Jarrod Kushner her current man, paid double the value of a property because it had the address number 666, they are literal Satanists in every sense of the word, in the family, of the family, skull and bones brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, or that was the Bush family.

This of course does not bode well for any chance of beating these psychopath bastards, and he was the main hope for any sort of opposition, but it was controlled opposition.

The one good thing he did do is wake people up to the fact that there are evil people, doing evil things, very corrupt, ruthless, brutal people like the CIA, but unless the people at the grassroots level actually organize their own thing, nothing will happen.

Nothing will happen because Trump was one of them, the whole time, he’s a billionaire, he’s in the billionaire club, along with the rest of them, and he really isn’t a good guy, no matter what you may of heard.

I had a list of the stupid, racist, sexist, insane things he had ever said on a CNN page, and bear in mind I really hate CNN, but it was pretty bad. I switched sides in theory last year because he seemed to be saying the right things in opposition to the covid global scam.

It was obviously a scam, he was obviously supporting the “right side” in that debate, pointing out the truth, but it was only as part of an agenda which was much larger than him, and if there was anything he had to say that was real, I can’t tell what was real and what wasn’t.

For example, the WHO’s world at risk report said they would be running routine simulations of a deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen, system wide, across all countries for training purposes.

Did they make the virus in the Wuhan lab? Is there even a virus? Is every single thing we hear a lie? These are the sorts of questions you have to ask yourself.

There was a bunch of pedophile, Satan worshiping, ruthless bastards running America, and the world, but there was never two sides to it. If there was, it was never the people in the government, or the people who had the most power, who owned the government who were on the “good” side.

The people do in theory have the power of numbers if they know what’s going on, and expecting somebody else to do it, is the reason why nothing happened. The good people were too goddamn good to actually fight the evil people at the top of the pyramid, and they’re too easily duped, too gullible to get what’s really going on.

They been brainwashed for too long that you can’t fight city hall, the people who make the laws make the laws because that’s what’s right and not just because it makes them more money for the sex and drugs they sell to be illegal and expensive.

2 thoughts on “Was Trump Controlled Opposition From The Start?

  1. Trump is controlled opposition to some point. That part is true. But this SATANIC horse crap completely kills any seriousness or credibility. Each of those pics is BS. People do devil horns in concerts. Ive seen many people sit with their hands in their laps like that. Stick with reality.


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