Is Qanon A Psy-Op To Discredit Conspiracy Theorists?

I was looking into the dark side of particularly the US government for the last decade or more, and I uncovered shady dealings, cover ups, operations, war crimes, drug dealing, false flag attacks, etc.

It was pretty bad, and it just kept going on and on the further you looked into it. There is definitely a lot of bad stuff going on there, however the Qanon thing seemed a little off right from the start.

I have no doubt there’s rich men who like teen girls, it’s literally a best selling porn search, teen girls, but there’s some dubious claims.

They said Hillary cut a kid’s face off, and I did talk to someone who said they saw that video, but then it was like Katy Perry is a cannibal, Oprah is a human trafficker, Ellen drinks the blood of tortured children and that’s why she looks so old all of a sudden.

I mean, is some of it credible? It’s just credible enough that you might believe it for a second, and it has some truth in there that can be proven, but it was already confirmed by other sources if it was confirmed at all, and most of it wasn’t.

Underground bases where millions of children get held prisoner?

Well, I don’t doubt there are kids being trafficked, I don’t doubt many millions of guys like having sex with underage kids, or might want to, and that’s all terrible, and people need to be looking out for it.

The thing is, most of this stuff is unsubstantiated, and it makes the whole thing look less credible.

With everyone accused, it’s like the girl or boy who cried wolf, particularly if it’s not actually the boys and girls themselves saying it in a police investigation, but somebody posting some dodgy video on social media.

I saw a video about the superbowl and sex trafficking, I didn’t watch it all, it was four hours long. The superbowl is a Satanic pedophile orgy hidden in plain sight. Is that what it is, I always wondered.

It’s so impossible for me to take these people seriously anymore with claims that Trump is still president, he’s going to come any moment with the FBI and take Biden to prison along with the rest of them.

Then I see Alex Jones saying that Q is basically a psy op to purposefully throw people off the real crimes and real conspiracies by making some really ridiculous claims that would make anyone doubt the credibility of any “conspiracy theory” that comes along.

OK, I’m starting to see it now.

For that matter, some people say that about him as well, and I’m sure many people think that I’m nuts or misinformed or whatever, but while I may exaggerate a little, the things I’m telling you are real enough to the level I can reasonably be asked to verify.

I provide sources for all of my claims, if I’m making a claim, and it isn’t always a mainstream media source, but it’s usually a large site, or a claim repeated multiple times in different places.

Alex Jones has news articles on his desk from fairly mainstream sources, video of the people themselves saying the things they’re saying.

While he is nuts, as I’ve written about before, the majority of the claims he makes are at least somewhat credible, for the most part, even if he uses his own site as a source some of the time.

Qanon on the other hand, it’s not necessarily even one thing, there are groups where people do their own digging, but that means anyone could be saying anything, which doesn’t help it’s credibility at all as a general thing.

In the times we’re living in, what’s said is important, if you want to convince people you have to be careful about what you say and make sure that you are talking about facts.

There are enough proven facts or solid theories going on to make the case that there is a conspiracy of some kind going on. Many of them.

What’s also important is that you aren’t just talking about fairly inconsequential garbage that doesn’t really matter, making too big a deal about everything.

While human trafficking, torture, murder, all of those things are surely bad, rock n roll is not the devil’s music, unless you’re a religious fundamentalist, but I can certainly see how you might think that, if you were.

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