The Swamp Creatures You Can’t Vote Out Of The US Government

It came from the swamp she says, which is also what Trump was saying, he didn’t realize how deep the swamp was and how big and bad it was.

When people talk about policies and laws that get made, they often say it was the president of the USA who was responsible. Trump did this, Obama did that, Biden is doing this.

As this video explains, there are unelected people behind the scenes making things happen all the time, looking after interest groups and corporations, which can’t be voted out and weren’t voted in, in the first place.

They call this the shadow government, the deep state, maybe the military/industrial complex, the illuminati, whatever you want to call them, it’s not democracy, at least not in terms of people being able to vote for what they want to happen.

To some degree, a government like this, an empire, has to be ruthless and brutal in military terms to compete in the world, can’t be a pushover, can’t let China take over the drug trade, we have to do it.

Can’t let Russia use LSD as a weapon on our people, we have to do it first. That’s the sort of twisted logic they use to justify their actions.

Somebody was going to do it anyway, so it might as well be us, and while you would think that the government was there to stop these people from doing these things which they made laws against, like drug dealing, they are the drug dealers, period.

They are the human trafficking drug dealing mass murderers who start wars for weapons profits and the government is not doing it for the government itself.

The government is owned by the individual corporations or rich elite families who use the government as a way to milk the people of their country and the world of every last drop of blood, every last cent to put it in their own pockets.

The US government is in as much debt now as Germany was before world war two and the people who sucked the money out of it don’t even need it anymore.

They got what they wanted, more than enough money to do anything they want, and they’re positioning themselves to make 28 trillion dollars just from this one new virus they made in a lab.

They don’t need the US government anymore, they’re going after the world as their tool to suck the people dry and gain absolute power to do anything they want to.

The UN/WEF/CCP/Globalist fourth industrial revolution thing is moving towards phasing out people, but the people that are left over will have a computer chip in their brain and function as flesh robots, sex toys, pets, slaves to do their bidding, and think whatever they’re told to think while they tell them it’s for their own good.

If you think I’m being overly dramatic, no I’m not saying it in harsh enough terms, they’re ruthless, brutal, they have realized that people generally and the US government has become a liability, they don’t need people to make things.

They don’t need armies to fight wars, they can use robots or biological weapons, and a government in debt of a tenth of all the money in the world is something somebody else can worry about, if they’re stupid enough to buy that mess.

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