The Two Different Types Of Satanism Theistic And Atheistic

This is a video reaction to the Super Bowl performance of Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett & The Weeknd. Yes, she is doing the horn sign or the curse sign of the “devil” a pox on you or whatever the hell you want to call it.

She does look like a demon from hell, or a hooker from Mars, or whatever but she was singing a song about rock ‘n’ roll and how she doesn’t care about her bad reputation.

The key problem here is religion itself, the idea of Satanism is potentially quite dangerous, but it matters a lot how seriously you take it.

There are two types of Satanism in theory, the Theistic type, worship of Satan, Moloch, Baal, Lucifer, Beelzebub, or whatever, and then there is the Atheistic type.

Antony La Vey wrote the Satanic bible in 1969, but it was an Atheistic interpretation of the idea. The Satanical viewpoint being I am God.

God is the universe, eternal energy which cannot be destroyed, everything is one thing, so anyone can be a “god” if they want to call themselves that and worship themselves.

Kind of pointless really if everyone and everything is “God” but nevertheless it’s a reaction against fundamentalist uptight attitudes, and you know who did it first? Jesus. Unless you count the tens of thousands of Hindu gods before him.

Yeah, he was hung on the cross for saying I am. Then the Jews said to Him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and You have seen Abraham?” 58“Truly, truly, I tell you,” Jesus declared, “before Abraham was born, I am!” 59At this, they picked up stones to throw at Him. But Jesus was hidden and went out of the temple area.

You get the Satanical viewpoint I am God when you eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, when you will know all, like God, according to the talking snake.

It’s a simple logic shift, a simple shift of perception, that they used to give themselves the authority to write the bible in the first place.

However, then there’s the actual Theistic Satanism, the worship of an evil deity. It’s almost impossible to say how many of either type of Satanist there are, or how seriously they take it, whether they do rituals or what.

There are people who do take it seriously, it could perhaps be dangerous, but like with all religions, it’s fundamentalist believers who are the problem, extremists, cult members who take actions like terrorism.

If you were going to cast a wide net, you could say anyone doing anything bad at all ever was a “Satanist” and anyone who used those hand signs was.

Anyone who slept around, took drugs, slowed down to look at a car crash, the problem is that the world and people are not black and white.

People aren’t either good or bad, they are both good and bad, and it’s the division along lines such as this that causes the cult to gain members.

If you say that it’s wrong to have sex in this particular way, at this particular age, with these particular people and you want to do it anyway, but think you have to literally sell your soul to Satan, then when you do, you now think you’re a Satanist.

You see how that works? You identify with the thing that gives you pleasure, and so that is now your identity and you would then seek other people who share that identity.

The whole thing is so damn stupid it’s insane, but let’s go back to Jesus, as it is often seen as a reaction to Christianity. Jesus said everyone is a sinner.

Their idea of sin was doing two dozen different types of work on a Saturday like picking up sticks, for which they would then stone you to death with stones, like cavemen, but you know, people eventually grew out of that.

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