How To Fight The Technocratic Monopoly On Free Speech

This guy is making a straight forward factual argument about the way big tech is censoring our thoughts and ideas online and tightening the noose on free speech.

There’s nothing at all that’s a conspiracy theory about what he’s saying, except that it is an obvious, proven conspiracy by them to control what people say and think.

They would of course have you believe that what they tell you to think is the “right” thing, but they aren’t elected, so it’s not democracy in any way, shape or form.

One party, one system, social credit scores, who does that sound like? It’s a Chinese style communist system of mind control for the world. AI, artificial intelligence, surveillance, censorship, tracking, chipping, and eventually, computer chips in your brain.

That’s where people start to think I’m losing the plot, but they tell us it’s six years away, the Neuralink, and Elon Musk said himself that AI was potentially the largest threat to humanity ever seen. He said “summoning the demon“.

The guy making the computer chips to put in your brain which will control your thoughts from the inside, run by the same people censoring all politically dissident opinions or free speech on social media, will now have the inside scoop on what you think with a computer chip in your brain.

When they said mark of the beast, you will not be able to buy or sell without a mark on your hand, and on your head, and that Bill Gates is the antichrist, they weren’t lying.

They were looking at it from a religious perspective, and many people aren’t religious to the degree they would call this the end of days as prophesized in the bible.

Nevertheless it’s almost on that magnitude, the level of utter domination and control they’re forcing on the people of the world, more akin to a communist world takeover.

Pitbull the musician he came out and said that it smells like communism, he came from a communist country, and it smells like they’re trying to take over the world and make it communist.

An Orwellian nightmare of absolute control, or order, as they call it. We must have order, order out of chaos, the new world order. It’s here, and if you think I’m kidding, just wait and see.

Getting back to fighting it, it’s too late, people were too submissive, too gullible, we’re screwed.

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