CIA, MK Ultra Mind Control, LSD, Hippies And Feminism

When I talk about “them” I mean there’s a group of people who I generally put into a single category of being elite criminals because that’s the easiest way for my brain to process it.

Mafia thugs, drug dealers, human traffickers, weapon dealers, using the governments of the world to make more money and get more power while pretending to be making laws for the people’s “own good”.

When I say Trump is one of them, he basically said he was, multiple times. They are the criminals, the rich elites, they sell the sex and the drugs and make laws so they can stop other people from making that money. They start wars for weapons profits, because they like weapons profits.

Feminism is a plot, the hippy movement was a CIA plot, they made a hundred million doses of LSD and made the hippy movement, and it wasn’t about peace and love, although maybe they miscalculated a little with what they thought it might be able to do.

They said they thought the Russians would use it as a weapon on them, so they bought it all and promoted it through popular culture while they got it out there to the world.

They split children into multiple personalities with torture using drugs such as that so they could then program the personalities with hypnosis to activate them as a Manchurian candidate to assassinate targets without even knowing they did it.

MK Ultra mind control. They hear the word ruckus, and then they’re another person, and perform their task of killing a target and then at the sound of a bell, they are no longer that person so they can’t be tortured to reveal what they know.

This is all on record what they did, the CIA. They’re mass murdering drug dealing people trafficking bastards, and the US government are the same government, who then make the laws, so they can make more money and get more power.

They would then put people in jail for life for buying the drugs they sold, which they had “zero tolerance” for, and people would not even know that it was the same people, the drug dealers, and then when you would tell them, they’d act like they didn’t hear you, or didn’t believe you, even when they admitted it themselves.

They don’t care about national security, it’s not about the USA against the world, or law abiding citizens against criminals, it’s every man for themselves, but mostly the elites against the people. The elites of the world are uniting against the people of the world, and that’s how it’s been pretty much the whole time.

They just brainwashed the people into thinking something else, and in order to really understand who they are, it can’t even be explained in words. However here are some words from one of them.

“Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”

CIA agent from the MK Ultra program.

That in a nutshell is who they are, and what they do. A religion like the Vatican, that rents out their torture chambers as a five star hotel, and has a statue of Moloch outside the colosseum where they used to feed Christians to lions. The same people who nailed Jesus to the cross.

It’s a cult where they manage to control people’s minds to the extent that they will blow themselves up for Allah, in order to make more drug profits, weapons profits and oil profits for their psychopathic cult leaders.

It’s always like that, trust in God, for king and country, we’re the righteous ones, or the chosen ones, and the enemy is somebody else. In the case of “democracy” the enemy is the other half of your own country men based on a right versus left divide and conquer strategy.

One simple takeaway point, I don’t trust “them”, I don’t like “them”, I don’t like people who don’t recognize who they are and what they did, and so I’m just trying to educate people on the problems with trusting the people in power and giving them too much power.

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