The Evil Nature Of The Qanon Psy Op

I really feel for these people, I do. I was hooked into the propaganda for a little while myself, save the children, I didn’t want vampires to be torturing kids in Satanic rituals, and the sick part about this is, they very well might be.

It’s my belief, and I say that with a certain degree of caution, that the Qanon thing was made by the exact same people who made the virus in the Wuhan lab, the same people who deal the majority of the illegal drugs in the world, and who run the majority of the human trafficking.

They made the psy op to make any “conspiracy theorists” look dangerous and insane, and wrong, when there were actually real things going on, which warranted attention.

First of all, did Fauci fund the Wuhan lab that made the virus? Yes. 3.7 million, Trump admitted that, but as far as I can tell, Trump is in on it as well.

Here’s a fact check that says partly false, because it was only $600,000 specifically from the EcoHealth alliance of researching the emergence of bat viruses to humans that actually went to the Wuhan lab.

People would read that it was a fact check and then not read the whole fact check and the fact check confirms the NIH were funding the gain of function of coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab. Making biological weapons on purpose.

When he said this is the calm before the storm, you’ll find out, he meant this was going to happen, and he knew it was going to happen, because he was in on it, because he’s one of them.

I’m not going to speculate on how much involvement he has with the whole child trafficking thing, but he was good friends with Epstein and said he was a great guy, loves the young ladies.

The claims being made by Q were at times accurate, at times wildly inaccurate, and then there’s a bunch of people who said their own things, in those groups, and that’s just the level of reliability the internet always had, but magnified by stupidity and suspicion.

There is something going on, but it’s much bigger than just whether any particular politician paid to have sex with an underage girl, I’m assuming half of them did.

They’re taking over the world, this is the great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, AI surveillance, censorship, rounding up political dissidents who oppose the takeover by branding them dangerous conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation and this is how they did it.

I had the personal opinion that I don’t care if old people die six months before they were going to die anyway. It isn’t worth everything else they did, and I don’t trust the bastards who are saying they’re trying to help. I don’t trust vaccine manufacturers, big pharma companies.

That’s a political opinion, a personal opinion and it isn’t a conspiracy theory. That’s the first thing, some of this is just a personal opinion, like I have the personal opinion that the age of consent being 18 is probably too high.

It’s 16 here in Australia, and I don’t think it makes a hell of a lot of difference anyway, unless you’re religiously brainwashed to think it does. That’s a personal political opinion.

I’m allowed to disagree, but many people would simply say I’m not allowed to disagree, because any back tracking on the feminist movement that happened in the last hundred years or so is seen as Satanic by the religious people, who didn’t have that in their religion for the vast majority of the time it existed.

I’m actually being historically conservative in opposing these new ideas of sexual immorality from the people who ended marriage as a popular idea with feminism.

I do want to save the children, but the people who you should save the children from are these control freak megalomaniacs shoving their ideas down your throat whether you like it or not.

You must wear a mask, or you’re killing the old people, you must practice eternal abstinence from sex, or you’re screwing up the children’s minds, bullying the women. You can’t take drugs or you’ll die, and this is all coming from the people who make biological weapons in a lab to kill you on purpose.

This is coming from the people who make a psy op about pedophiles to make it look like an outrageously false conspiracy theory, so they can traffic children and get away with it.

Same people who made the laws in the first place, for that same reason, to make all the money from the trade while forcing out their competitors. How do you get away with murder? Well, have you heard the phrase “license to kill”? That’s who Q is.

One thought on “The Evil Nature Of The Qanon Psy Op

  1. Their statements needs time to be prove. I also have a certain distrust of it all, but at the moment, your statements are just assumptions and will continue to do so until there are facts and proofs.


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