Does Trump Have Blood On His Hands?

This is like propaganda brainwashing at it’s finest, does he have blood on his hands? Well he does if you put it on with special effects.

He also removed restrictions on land mines, in the war in Afghanistan where they been protecting their heroin profits the entire century and before.

I mean, I didn’t hear anyone saying anything about that, but when it’s an attack on the US government, the people who are the largest mass murdering, drug dealing bastards in the world, that’s a different story.

One police officer dies in a protest about the loss of democracy, free speech, the encroachment of communism and totalitarian suppression of human rights, and all of a sudden millions of Americans have blood on their hands.

They’re domestic terrorists now if they’re libertarian, or patriots or support freedom. I don’t like Donald Trump, I don’t support violent revolution unless you have an army sufficient to actually topple the US government, like tanks and drones and jet fighters, (or the people who control those things), I just see the hypocrisy.

I could also see the hypocrisy with the CIA dealing all the drugs and locking up a black guy for thirteen and a half years for possession of two joints, and Biden was in office when he voted to pass those sort of laws. Jail for life for buying the drugs they’re selling.

I don’t want to see a war, but there has to be a change. These people coming at us with their censorship and their social credit scores and their lists of domestic terrorists to round up with secret police, they’re pretty much communists.

Chinese communists, literally, the globalists are in league with the CCP, and the CCP have death camps where they torture people, kill them to harvest their organs for sale, and let guys pay to rape them three at a time handcuffed to a bed.

They put them in these death camps for having an opposing point of view, a different way of thinking or speaking than the government want them to have. If you haven’t noticed the entire goddamn world is starting to look more and more like China, because that’s what the elites want it to look like.

I’m not excusing killing a police officer, I’m saying the police and the army and the people should have overthrown the US government decades ago, because they let it get too bad, and it’s pretty much too late.

It’s now approaching full communist and this is communist propaganda, preparing you for the rounding up of “conservatives” or anyone who opposes this fascist/communist new world order, and this isn’t just happening to America, it’s worldwide.

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