We Don’t Allow Viral Hoaxes That Have Been Repeatedly Debunked

We don’t allow viral hoaxes that have been repeatedly debunked. Learn more about our policies in our COVID-19 and Vaccine Policy Updates and Protections section of the Help Centre.

This is the message I got today after last night when I got my eighth thirty day ban from Facebook in the middle of another thirty day ban for approving a post that mentioned vaccines, in any negative way whatsoever.

Viral hoax, yes we have debunked your viral hoax you sick globalist bastards, we know you made it in the Wuhan lab on purpose, as part of the great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, ID2020, AI surveillance and censorship, the plan, the plot you had been working on for years.

It isn’t a hoax that this biological weapon is real, they made it to be slightly worse than the regular flu or a bit like SARS.

The thing is the test is faulty, they banned the cure, they told us it was a hundred times more deadly than it is, and the cost of doing anything at all about it has far exceeded the virus itself.

That’s the simple fact I’m trying to get through to these corrupt evil fact checkers, the fact checks say they paid for gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab to make this thing on purpose.

Then they force not one but two masks, anal swabs, and sterilization vaccines on people when most of them would just rather get the damn thing and be done with it.

The inventor of the PCR test said it wasn’t meant to be used to diagnose disease and that Fauci doesn’t know anything about anything, and I’ll say that to his face, which he would have done if he hadn’t died the year before.

You know the story, they’re censoring the truth, they’re censoring political opinion, they’re just complete totalitarian bastards, thought police from hell, or China, an Orwellian nightmare of control freak megalomaniac nutcases destroying the internet and our lives forever and they’re saying it’s “for your protection”.

Get your journalist certificate from Facebook, learn how to spread lies and push big pharma products on people, learn how to sterilize and exterminate with leaders like the Rockerfellers who funded Hitler through Bayer and did tests on prisoners of war on sterilization methods and new opiates.

Who also worked closely with the CIA’s illegal drug dealing and helped make drug laws that put drug users buying the drugs they sold in jail for life. They own the majority of the medical industry, the Rockerfellers, and they were great supporters of chairman Mao, and the American Eugenics Society.

You’ll learn how to give people polio with the polio vaccines, how to give people cancer, how to make children autistic, you’ll just learn how to have a barrel of laughs while pretending to be a journalist.

You’ll get funding from George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, big tech, big pharma and the Chinese Communist Party as we take over the world together and make plants safe from humans, by innovating their numbers to close to zero.

Be not a cancer on the earth, leave room for nature, leave room for nature, and don’t go spreading any viral misinformation. At least not on Facebook anyway.

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