Are Women Who Like Sex On Drugs?

I was having this conversation about how the problem with the world, or specifically the USA today is women who will sell themselves for a dollar. That’s what she said anyway.

I pointed out that you used to buy a woman for marriage for a dowry of a hundred sheep to her father, the bible talked about how to sell your daughter as a slave, it’s basically a long standing tradition and the general animal instinct.

Man get food, bring home the bacon, get woman, for sex. They used to just hit you over the head with a club and drag you home to their cave, and then they give you food, you give them sex, and there was no choice, feminism didn’t exist.

She was saying they must be on drugs, to make that porn, and be prostitutes, and I’m not disagreeing, but let’s look at that as the problem, the main problem, the oldest profession in the world.

Since feminism, women have had more rights, more say in everything that happened, and you had to try to use Jedi mind tricks to convince them you were a good enough man to be with them permanently, and it didn’t work, over half the time, if not a thousand to one failure rate.

Compare this to if you just go to a bar or a club and wait until they get real drunk, which they’re often trying to do just as an excuse to let go of their societally invented “inhibitions”.

All of a sudden, they will then go home with you, because they don’t care so much anymore, there’s a man, he’ll do, at least if you look like the “right” sort of man.

They got told they were sluts if they just gave it up to any man, but given the opportunity, they want to be sluts, and blame it on the liquor. They get slut shamed their whole lives, told sex is dirty, it’s not lady like, so they need like an alternate personality just to do it at all.

Two things, men are not like this, they want it all day every day from the moment they wake up, and given this problem, they now have to get women on drugs or alcohol to get laid.

I’m not kidding, they have trouble even doing that, less than half the people are in a relationship, and I heard a figure that 80% of 18 to 24 year olds get laid once a year, or less.

I heard about a 17 year old “boy” who stabbed a stripper outside a strip club simply because he couldn’t get in. The Chads and the INCELs. Alpha males and beta males.

This is the problem with letting women decide, well anything at all. Society has gone to hell, the drugs have gone out of control, and once you start actual drugs, you end up on heroin, and then that’s all you think about and you no longer even care about sex.

Except maybe as a way to get smack or crack if you’re a junkie who still looks hot enough to get paid for sex, or a pimp.

As I was saying, people used to get married, I don’t want to push that too hard, just the sex part would be enough, just women being nice to their man without picking him to pieces psychologically and without needing a drink or ten to have a one night stand or a friend with benefits.

I personally tried to learn female psychology, and the book I read said treat them mean, keep them keen. There wasn’t much more to it than that, tell them some back handed compliment that’s also an insult.

For example, hey that’s a great dress, my grandma has one just like it. Hopefully they will have had a drink or two, and you look somewhat approachable and not like an axe murderer, and this will work, but it probably won’t, so you’ll have to do it about a hundred thousand times.

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