Why Was Alex Jones Banned And Are Frogs Being Turned Gay?

This is Alex Jones, and I always found his show funny, informative, and entertaining, just for the record the frogs didn’t turn gay, they turned male frogs into female frogs with the chemical Atrazine which is a pesticide.

This is often used as a way to discredit the insane “conspiracy theories” that he talks about, but let’s just focus on that one thing, and why he said it.

Berkley University March 2010

“Atrazine, one of the world’s most widely used pesticides, wreaks havoc with the sex lives of adult male frogs, emasculating three-quarters of them and turning one in 10 into females, according to a new study by University of California, Berkeley, biologists.”

“These kinds of problems, like sex-reversing animals skewing sex ratios, are much more dangerous than any chemical that would kill off a population of frogs,” he said. “In exposed populations, it looks like there are frogs breeding but, in fact, the population is being very slowly degraded by the introduction of these altered animals.”

“Some 80 million pounds of the herbicide atrazine are applied annually in the United States on corn and sorghum to control weeds and increase crop yield, but such widespread use also makes atrazine the most common pesticide contaminant of ground and surface water, according to various studies.”

Berkley University

So, considering we know that atrazine affects the life cycle of frogs badly enough to wipe them out altogether through a genetic fault that continues, much like the way Bill Gates genetically altered mosquitoes to stop them from breeding, have they stopped using this chemical on our food?

“The Trump administration plans to weaken environmental safeguards for atrazine, the second most widely used herbicide in the U.S., even though it’s known to castrate frogs and is linked to birth defects and cancer in humans and animals.”

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced last week that it would allow 50 percent more atrazine in the surface water along the nation’s waterways, despite the agency’s own assessment, which in 2016 found that the weed killer poses a chronic risk to fish, amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates and suggested that its allowable amount should be significantly decreased.”

Civil Eats

50% more Atrazine even though it’s banned in Europe and it is “a hundred times worse than glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup” according to one particular scientist.

They won a court case against Bayer/Monstanto over glyposate for billions of dollars that they knew it caused cancer and used it anyway in their Roundup ready wheat and corn, which requires Roundup for harvest, which is still in the food when they feed it to you.

This is the sort of thing. He’s actually telling the truth, but the problem with him using outrageous humor and sensationalism is nobody actually takes it seriously enough to do anything about it.

They write him off as a nut job, and he is, but he’s actually saying real stuff that somebody should care about.

They’re poisoning us, and they know they are, and we know they are as a minority, but the majority of people write it off as a “conspiracy theory”.

It’s not a theory, they are poisoning us to kill us on purpose, because the people who make the food, Monsanto are now owned by the same people who make the cancer drugs, Bayer, who funded Hitler and were partially owned by the Rockerfellers.

I just wanted to make that one point about the frogs turning gay, it’s perhaps slightly wrong in that they didn’t watch closely enough to see if they were actually gay but they had eggs in their balls, not sperm, catastrophically altered by endocrine disrupting chemicals that are in our food.

Getting back to free speech, this guy is nuts, but he’s saying true things that nobody else is saying. Like why is nobody else saying this, and why does everyone think you can use that as an example of an insane conspiracy theory, when it’s been proven true?

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