Behavior Modification In The Totalitarian New World Order

It is torturous to watch, the falling apart of the society of the world, I almost reached the point where I can’t stomach it to watch it anymore.

I didn’t watch the TV on principle for the last six months or so, I turned it on again today, just to get a break from the endless news of an encroaching Orwellian nightmare.

I saw again that new music video by teen idol Arianda Grande about how she wants to 69 all night, drinking lots of coffee, while the common people aren’t even allowed to go out to gigs without being in a plastic bubble.

I’m pissed off, like the global new world order seems as though it’s trying to piss me off, anyone who says anything authoritarian seems to be trying to piss me off, to the point that I have to tell them all get the hell out of other people’s business, and mind your own.

As far as minding your own business on the government, the media, the technocratic brainwashing machine, you can’t really. You either support it or you don’t, and not supporting it gets you banned from speaking.

They’re taking over the world with AI censorship and surveillance, mind control, poisoning, dumbing down, controlling, brutalizing, and I would say fight them, but if you’re actually going to try, you need a plan.

Like there’s no point just shooting any of these bastards in the head as a one man vigilante killer, you need a better plan than that.

What is the plan? They had decades to work out this plan, this takeover of the world, it was outlined in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and development.

They had a bunch of possible futures, lock step, clever together, hack attack, and smart scramble. I view them all as being elements of the broader plan.

Maybe the smart scramble part of it is what we actually need, tech experts who can overcome the AI, a hack attack in reverse, on them, to tell the truth, on their platforms or even without their platforms.

The truth in itself is enough to destroy them, which is why they are censoring it relentlessly. If enough people know the truth, then they will wither away and die, if not be exterminated, like they are trying to do, to the world.

There’s enough information on this site to prove them to be liars, war criminals, mass murdering drug dealing scum, the worst of the worst, while pretending to be the opposite, and I invite you to take a look at what I been saying and the links in the posts.

I only made this site because I thought I had to, because I needed to say what I had to say, and because they were trying to silence me, hard censorship. Better than a bullet in the head, or life in prison, which is what other journalists who tried to tell this story got for their efforts.

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