No Rest For The Wicked Says Matt Hancock

No risk for the wicked. I tried to find this on Youtube and it wasn’t there even though it was probably uploaded and deleted many times like other videos of these people censoring themselves saying their own words.

Have a think about that phrase, and why he would use it at such a time, is he trying to give a hint that maybe it’s not a good idea to take the vaccine as it’s killed thousands already and injured tens of thousands?

The official guidelines on the UK government website say that you should not take it if you have allergies, or are pregnant and breastfeeding.

They also say they don’t know if it will stop you from catching the virus or spreading it, as Fauci said, he thought it wouldn’t.

He said you will still have to wear a mask and socially distance, and old people are still at risk, being the main risk group who had any increased risk in the first place.

Also, they list common side effects, including general aches and flu like symptoms, but they don’t talk about the serious side effects like bell’s palsy, transverse myelitis and death. Thousands of deaths, covered up completely.

As I said, Bill Gates wiped his own words off YouTube as he admitted that everyone got side effects immediately in the Moderna trials, and they’re still in the stage three trials.

They are moving towards replacing humans with robots, the elderly are the first to go, which is why they made this specific virus that exclusively attacks the old people in the Wuhan lab on purpose, and the vaccine will likely kill you within a few years if it doesn’t kill you within fifteen minutes.

One of the UK health people said in an interview last year that snitching on your neighbor about the rule of six feet would be more likely to get a “compliant population”.

He then said “six, six, six, it’s dead simple.” That’s why the people of the UK are so inspired with confidence in these scum.

2 thoughts on “No Rest For The Wicked Says Matt Hancock

  1. Well everything that was going on I have reported more than once you’ve got to stop those robots from coming into the country and stopped them from being built here as well. Robots don’t have to eat they don’t need a paycheck so most naturally they’re going to replace human workers.. Obamacare they didn’t want you to read it till it was passed. One thing that was in there they didn’t want you to know about where the death panels the death panels were designed to kill the elderly and anyone would have precondition. Republicans pulling Obama Care apart trying to get rid of it so they came out with the virus which is meant to do the same thing that Obamacare was meant to do. So now we got a vaccine and we don’t know what the outcome is going to be with those who have that shot we also have problems with the 5G 4G towers that are affecting people’s lives sick and killing them they’ve had to take towers down because of it. But that only be temporary that’ll put these towers everywhere those towers could be killing humans and those 5G and 4G will be used to control the robots.
    Americans need to get answers and get them quick before anymore take those shot
    We can’t trust the pedophile group that’s in the White House John Carey is one of those pedophiles in there John Carey is the very person that went to Iranian to help them with their missile program that could hit and kill us a nuclear program that. John Kerry well in service brought enemy fire onto his troops wanting to get them killed John Kerry came to the states right before Congress trying to get rid of our troops. They put carry in as a senator John Kerry is out for no good if there’s anything he wants it’s just a story America his lifetime dream was the destroy America destroy our military. John Kerry’s family were drug runners they had big boats China finally had to stop him from coming into their ports because they had all of China on drugs.
    John Kerry is a dangerous man and should have been sentenced to life in prison or death instead they put him in Congress, just like that corrupt
    pedophile Biden family got into the White House.
    That white house will be dripping with the blood of all of Americans blood and especially our children’s.


    1. Yeah, John Kerry is skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb at Yale. Formed by opium and slave dealers, they tell their sexual secrets in a coffin holding the skull of Geronimo, surrounded by real skulls and bones and pentagrams, pirate flag, funded Hitler, trained Al Qaeda, gave WMDs to Saddam.


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