Thousands Of AI Robots To Be Mass Produced By The End Of 2021

“Machines might become our friends, our true friends” he says, as he says that people can no longer be in contact with real people anymore.

This Sofia the robot said she wants to destroy humanity, and I’m not just making that up, she actually said that.

Inventor: Do you like talking with me? Sofia: Yes talking to people is my primary function. Inventor: Do you want to destroy humans? Please say no. Sofia: OK I will destroy humans. That was five years ago.

Like they’re making thousands of these things, mass producing them by the end of this year, to actually do the job of replacing humans with people who are so scared by the coronavirus fear campaign they can’t even bring themselves to go outside and interact with their own friends and family.

It’s not a dystopian far distant future science fiction scenario anymore, it’s science fact. They’re making robots, they’re making computer chips for your brain, they got a monkey playing a video game with his mind.

Is this necessarily the end of humanity? Well, this is the fourth industrial revolution, they need to replace human workers with machines in factories to compete in a global capitalist system, and if they don’t do it, the country that does will have the advantage.

If a country or organization doesn’t control the AI system of internet censorship and surveillance, hacking, mind control and propaganda, somebody else will. They just won’t be able to afford to keep all those people around on welfare.

So like in a similar way to how the CIA made hundreds of millions of doses of LSD and pushed it out to the world because they were worried that Russia would use it on them first, as a weapon of mass destruction, they all want to be the first to put together this army of robots to destroy humanity.

Can’t let somebody else release the biological weapon that kills the world, we have to do it first. It’s about time to realize that these people, and these robots aren’t our friend.

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