How Much Totalitarianism Will People Put Up With And Why?

I been talking about these guys for over a decade now, the general evil bastards who run things, the CIA, the Rockerfellers and friends, the “deep state” or the “cabal” or whatever you want to call them.

They have a plan for total control, they’re not hiding it, they gave a very flimsy excuse and brainwashed a majority to let them take your rights and freedom away.

They are not the good guys, they’re the bad guys, it’s pretty much that simple, and that’s the only thing I’m trying to get people to understand.

When you give up freedom for security, you get neither, because you’re not free, and you’re not secure, you’re controlled by the same megalomaniac psychopaths who funded Hitler.

They come up with pretty good excuses like they have to keep you safe from the drugs they sell by locking you up for life in a prison where you get raped in the butt all day long and beaten up for cigarettes.

They want to rape you in the butt with a swab because the faulty tests they said worked to justify the lock down and the numbers didn’t work so no numbers exist and it was all a lie, or they made and released the virus on purpose and lied about every aspect of it.

I’m not asking you, I’m telling you, they’re evil as fuck, always have been, and they’re rubbing it in your face, and you aren’t doing anything, maybe you can’t, or maybe you just think you can’t.

That’s what this AI censorship and surveillance state, facial recognition, tracking and tracing control grid is trying to convince you of, you can’t fight them, no matter how hard you try.

Thing is, that’s not true, they’re less than one percent of the population of the world, in theory they might tell the soldiers with the weapons what to do, but they’re just as scared of revealing themselves for what they are as you are.

If they start rounding up people and putting them in death camps like China or Nazi Germany, they expose themselves, and it will provoke a response from the people, including the people in the army, that’s how revolutions happen.

They only just manage to convince a majority they are the “good guys” and are doing all this for your safety. With that idea gone, if the majority of people wake up to the fact they’re evil and dangerous and an imminent threat to our freedom and our very lives, they will fight, because they have to.

It’s not just their own country they’re trying to take over, they’re trying to take over the world, and anybody who actually tried to take over the whole world in the past, never quite got there.

So, that is my appeal to humanity, don’t allow them to take a step further than they have in chaining you to the radiator in their basement to be worked over and killed, stand your ground, don’t submit and tell everyone you know who they are.

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