Mark Zuckerberg Censors Himself Saying The Covid Vax Modifies Your DNA And RNA

This is Mark Zuckerberg saying that he wants to urge some caution, because we don’t know the long term side effects of modifying people’s DNA and RNA.

He then makes a policy to censor himself for saying that the covid vax does modify your DNA and RNA, along with millions of other people.

He didn’t say this to the general public, but it was in a chat to his employees, so it’s what he actually thinks and the truth of what it is, and it’s censored because it’s true. Fact checked, because it’s true, by liars.

We don’t know the long term side effects, but I can tell you, they’re saying that it’s death, potentially even worse. They already died by the thousands, and got side effects by the millions, if Bill Gates is to be believed when he censored himself saying that everyone got side effects in the Moderna trials immediately.

These monsters are trying to make people feel better about being sterilized or exterminated, potentially, by covering up that it was ever a possibility, even though they said so themselves.

The censorship and mind control does not make me feel better, it makes me feel ten thousand times more horrified that these people are allowed to operate their sites and our global medical system in this way.

It makes me horrified that the science of the medical industry could be perverted in such a way that the truth is not allowed to be heard, even by doctors themselves, even as people die by the masses. Not just that, but that you aren’t allowed to have your own opinion about it.

I want you all to remember this, and remember exactly who was on the side of truth, and who was on the side of lies. I’ve proven that they’re lying or not telling the whole truth.

You could make the leap and say they are simply legit evil psychopaths, using this viral hoax as a cover story to take over the world and impose a dictatorship of AI brainwashing and medical tyranny and martial law, while they make trillions of dollars, and that is what people did do, because that’s what it is.

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