When Is It A Good Time To Go To War?

I been talking to various people about the idea of “righteousness” and what it means, religiously or morally.

The people who usually start wars do it for weapons profits, oil profits, mining profits, heroin profits, banking profits, etc, and then they try to say some bullshit that makes half the people accept that it had to be done. The divinity of kings, patriotism, die for your country, it’s your duty, to God.

War, huh, yeah, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, good God! This isn’t necessarily true, there’s a good enough reason to defend yourself and your property, but the soldiers in any particular battle usually aren’t fighting for themselves, and it’s not self defense except for the people they’re attacking.

They get fooled into believing they’re fighting for their country, by making money for rich elites who suck every last dollar out of their government and get it into runaway debt that can never be repaid.

On the one hand, a handful of extremely rich people having money in your country would be good for your country, if they weren’t outsourcing jobs, buying made in China goods, moving their corporations to tax havens overseas, and replacing humans with robots and phasing out humans.

It’s when you start to see them exterminating their own country’s people, as well as the rest of the world to gain yet more money and power that you start to say, hold on a minute, what was I fighting for?

Fighting for these people to get away with murder, drug dealing, people trafficking, selling tobacco, alcohol, gambling, weapons and more, while making it almost impossible for the average person to do the same?

Why exactly is it that they can sell tobacco, and you can’t, or they’ll lock you up for life in their death camps? Is it because they like money?

The medical industry is even more indoctrinated than this, once a doctor actually thinks they learned something and starts prescribing drugs, they may actually hold you down and make you take an injection of poison, because they think it is for your own good.

They made laws in my country, Australia, that they can hold you down, pull your pants down and inject you with untested poison that has no liability for any injury, which they cover up because of a virus that the same people made on purpose in a lab.

Most people who go to war don’t like it, but the people who start them almost never actually have to die themselves.

I mean, as far as proving that goes, the USA Today fact check said it cost $600,000 from EcoHealth Alliance who the NIH gave money to as a middleman to fund the gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the BSL 4 Wuhan lab.

And then they make laws, even all around the world that they can hold you down and inject you with a sterilizing agent, by force, pulling your pants down and raping you with a needle, or an anal swab.

When is a good time to go to war? We’re in world war three, it’s not a choice, we didn’t start it, they did, and if you are actually being attacked, then self defense is legally defined as using reasonable force, and “reasonable” is up to anyone to decide for themselves.

As far as the law goes, the law is made by mass murdering, drug dealing, people trafficking, eugenicist pedophiles trying to sterilize and exterminate you on purpose.

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