How Much Of The Qanon Conspiracy Theories Are True?

This is a fairly common sense explanation of what Qanon is, kind of like an online cult, a movement, basically a bunch of conspiracy theories lumped together as one thing.

There’s a mysterious character called Q, and nobody knows who he is, or if it’s even the same person saying these things. The drops have moved from one place to another, and it’s all very cryptic and sometimes false.

I’m not going to give it enough credit to explain to you which parts of what Q said were false and which weren’t, suffice to say it wasn’t all true and it may be run by the very same evil people he’s talking about, because he is one of them.

My opinion is that if somebody looks like they’re trying to start a cult, they’re usually a pedophile, as pedophiles like starting cults to pick up girls, or little boys.

There was true things in there, like I’ve been into conspiracy theories for a long time, but some of them are more out there than others.

Was 9/11 an inside job? Yeah, most probably. There more than enough reason to suspect that the ruthless military/industrial complex who likes a good war every ten years thought it was time for a war for weapons profits, oil profits, heroin profits, etc.

Did they make the virus in the Wuhan lab? They admitted they were working on gain of function on coronaviruses from bats, and there were 1500 different enhanced viruses in that one lab.

Do vaccines kill and injure people? Yes, most assuredly, I looked at the reported deaths on the VAERS vaccine injury reporting system and there were over 700,000 deaths reported in the USA alone since they started gathering that data.

They didn’t prove all of them died from the vaccines, but they also didn’t count all the people who weren’t reported to have died after vaccinations. Such as those who died of cancer caused by the cancer causing viruses they admit on the FDA site are in the cell lines they used for decades.

The US government do occupy the golden crescent in Afghanistan that makes the majority of the world’s heroin, and they fought all through South East Asia trying to occupy the golden triangle for much of last century as well.

They trained Al Qaeda, gave weapons and immunity to the Sinaloa, there are definitely some kids going missing and never seen again, while others are seen, by millions in porn. They are, (at least partially), skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb at Yale.

That’s not just a university fraternity, or the people who were members like Prescott Bush, funded Hitler and were caught and charged under the trading with the enemy act.

They have a pirate flag, with 322 under it, which is thought to represent either their individual chapter number, or 322 BC when democracy died when it was first tried, in Ancient Greece.

Alexander The Great killed them, and so according to this secret society founded by opium and slave dealers who were family members of the East India Trading company, democracy was never meant to exist and is just a lie they tell to fools.

Does that mean it was a lie, the whole time? Well the French revolution happened, and the time it actually became democracy was when the heads actually began to roll.

If they don’t fear the people, and the people fear them, and they can’t vote them out, it’s called tyranny or totalitarianism. Getting back to the Qanon thing, Biden hasn’t been executed in Gitmo and replaced by a clone, Hillary isn’t in prison, Trump isn’t Jesus, and Oprah isn’t a human trafficker, that I know of.

Ellen probably isn’t on adrenochrome, Katy Perry was on cocaine, that’s why Russell Brand left her. It doesn’t necessarily make you want to eat people, but you never know. You have to look for good evidence before you make those sort of claims.

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