Is Climate Change A Hoax And What Should Be Done About It?

I want to start out by saying that I do not support Bill Gates and these globalists and their plans for fascist control and depopulation, however I studied climate change as a topic for years, trying to convince people it was real.

When NASA says the ice caps are melting, I don’t necessarily believe them just because they said so, but I notice that we had record hot summer day temperatures recorded all around the world.

Thousands of people die from hot days themselves, although the WHO changed how they define who is counted as a death, and who has underlying conditions in 1999.

There’s a desert in South Africa which is so hot there are only five species that can live there, including a lizard that switches the feet it stands on every few seconds to prevent them getting burned off.

Humans would not survive there, they couldn’t survive there for any amount of time unless they evolved gradually.

The predictions were that the ocean would rise five to ten meters either as early as fifty years, or as late as a thousand years, if the Greenland ice sheet melts.

This is the simple fact, they don’t really know how long it will take for the ice to melt based on the average temperature increasing, but they know something is happening.

The threat of a rising ocean is not enough in itself to justify the drastic measures taking place, so what is causing it?

Well, there’s a limited amount of resources, for example some sources predict oil will run out in less than fifty years. I say some sources because on the same search they said there is still tons of oil in the ground, somewhere.

We do need to be moving away from fossil fuels gradually, moving towards sustainable energy sources, but the main part of this to understand is how they actually think.

There is pollution, use of resources caused by people existing, forests cut down, half the fish in the ocean than there were fifty years ago, and it’s not acceptable to them because they want those resources.

They had a policy of reducing the population of Africa in order to make it easier to move in and take the resources they had in the ground, and they admitted it.

This sounds almost exactly like the “philanthropic” policies of The Gates Foundation, with Bill Gates saying he seeks to wipe out poverty in Africa by reducing their population.

He’s already sterilized and exterminated millions of them, was thrown out of India for doing tests that injured many Indian girls with the HPV vaccine, and now he’s back again.

He said himself the primary, founding reason for his foundation is population control, and just as the vaccines are being rolled out in Australia, where I live, Facebook have banned all news, like all news altogether, not just all “anti vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists“.

One thought on “Is Climate Change A Hoax And What Should Be Done About It?

  1. Find out who sponsored the 1997 Kyoto Conference that gave the Protocols…..and Why , and with which Organisation ‘s Backing …..???


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