Climate Lockdowns, Blackouts And The End Of Private Property

Remember when Klaus Schwab said hack attack, as mentioned in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 2010 scenarios for future technology and development would make covid seem like a small disturbance in comparison?

They just shut down the power in some parts of Texas for six days in a row in some parts, apparently because they turned the coal powered power plants off and tried to do it with wind farms and solar in freezing conditions.

It was probably the fact it was so cold the water froze in the pipes that caused it, prompting people to use more power for heat, but in Texas though?

I didn’t think that was a cold place. Climate change is definitely happening but it appears to be unpredictable and causing hotter summers, and colder winters.

This is the world with no people in it.

On the other hand I just saw the ex CIA director Brennan doing a speech at the council on foreign relations about how weather modification could be used to benefit some regions, at the expense of others on the planet.

Using the dust Bill Gates paid to spray into the upper atmosphere.

Weather does naturally change, climate change is inevitable to some degree, and it if gets hotter one one side of the globe and colder on the other side, then does it really matter?

Well, they’re saying it matters, and just like the coronavirus scam, or rather the false flag attack, if they’re saying it matters, and you don’t agree, while they ram it down people’s throats through their media and armed forces apparatus, you can’t really do anything about it.

If they say we’re doing a climate lockdown to save this amount of carbon, and turn the power off, or increase the price up to 10,000% then you’re screwed, if you don’t have your own solar panel system.

That’s a mainstream source there, they turned off the coal fired power plants for “maintenance” to clear off the ice apparently, and charged people a hundred times more for their power.

I have solar panels on my roof, but it was not set up to withstand a complete black out, there was one here for an hour just a couple of nights ago. I had a candle burning.

If you want to operate off the grid you need a lot of solar panels and a large battery to store the power on. I’m suggesting people invest in a system like this, get storable food, water, a bug out plan perhaps.

When I used to look at those survivalists in the US being rated on their ability to survive for six months in a shelter in the woods, with people trying to kill them, I thought they were nuts.

Of course, looking at history and the ability of modern technology to kill people at the push of a button, it would be fairly prudent to have a plan of some sort for what happens if the power goes off. What happens if the food trucks stop delivering, what happens if an actual army or killer robot drones invades and starts killing people.

We are in world war three, and all we can do is hope that biological weapons, killer vaccines, hack attacks, economy and soul destroying lock downs, AI censorship and surveillance are the worst of it, because that’s already here.

Here’s the WEF saying we need to be worried about people hacking our pacemakers to kill us, and they’re going to do it just to show you should be worried about it, and give them lots of money to stop it happening.

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