The Cognitive Dissonance Of Conspiracy Theory Deniers

I’m not trying to make out that you should automatically believe what I’m saying, just because I’m saying it, but there are some certain things that have been proven in terms of a “global conspiracy“.

There is a general plan to control the world, make lots of money, control the population, control their minds, use them, brainwash them, often kill them or poison them in the process of trying to gain power and wealth.

It may not be a positive thing for most people to focus on, they’d rather stay happy and willfully ignorant of what’s going on, because it requires less effort, and they want to live in a nice, safe world.

When they have been brought up by propaganda that tells them to trust their government, trust their leaders, revere and respect their flag, or their church, it really does hurt their head to hear anything bad about it.

This is cognitive dissonance, for example when a Trump supporter who believes that Satanic pedophiles control the world, hears Trump say something like Epstein was a great guy, loves the young ladies, almost as much as I do, they tend to choose not to hear it.

I could go into that a bit further, but I won’t bother, the point I’m trying to make is that if they decided they’re for one side of a debate, they will make excuses and write off any accusations in order to maintain the belief that they are on the “right side”.

There’s almost always two sides to any debate, whether it be left/right, religious/Atheist, pro choice/no choice, straight/gay, mask/no mask, people tend to fall fairly heavily on one side, or the other while the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

The longer you debate this with them, sometimes the further it can push them to the extremes of their belief, even when hearing evidence that should logically make them at least understand the logic of the other side.

For example, I do understand that people are saying there are people dying from the coronavirus, nasty flu, but they said they paid $600,000 on the gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab.

They said that, in the fact check, but another fact check, paid for by the people who made it, said it was unclear where it came from, but it probably came from nature, people eating bat soup.

I did it myself recently when a Qanon guy said there was evidence that Biden was a clone, and he had actually been executed in Gitmo.

He gave me the home page of a website that looked like it was made by a five year old with broken image links, and a video of a rapper who said he was a second generation clone made by Clonaid.

As I was trying to explain to him, and other people who say this kind of crap, it makes the entire thing seem ridiculous, but the bulk of the “conspiracy theories” that most people haven’t yet accepted are in fact proven to be true.

They are actual facts, or theories that are so well documented and backed up with evidence that you could reasonably say it has been proven.

Nobody used to try to cover it up when people said the president is a clone, or a lizard headed alien, or that the world is flat, because it was impossible to prove, and obvious nonsense.

As far as underage girls having sex with over age guys, that happened to one in three of them so that then puts it in a slightly different category of open conspiracy.

When there is actually something to cover up, they shoot journalists in the head, like Gary Webb, two bullets in the head, ruled a suicide.

They accuse you of rape, and put you in solitary confinement awaiting prison for life like Julian Assange, or have you sacrificed like an animal, like Jamal Khashoggi the US/Saudi journalist.

My suggestion would be that they just tell the goddamn truth, and people deal with it, because it’s actually far more harmful for society for people to be denying that there is a shadowy group of “Satanic pedophiles” trying to take over the world.

They pretty much already did, thousands of years ago. Maybe not the whole world, and maybe they weren’t all actual devil worshippers, but they were definitely ruthless and brutal as a defining feature of why they took over anything, at all.

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