Is Vaccine Envy Like Penis Envy?

This woman is comparing waiting for the covid vaccine to waiting in line for concert tickets, anticipating something amazing.

She says we have to recognize the feeling that we feel, which is obviously, shame because of jealousy of the people who got sterilized and exterminated before them.

The people who got an experimental vaccine that alters their DNA and RNA, tested on animals at the same time as people, still in the stage three trials that won’t end until 2023, while they cover up the thousands of dead and tens of thousands injured.

Realizing and accepting that it’s not about you as a person, and you’re taking part in something bigger than you, doing your part to save the world.

There was a ten percent increase in old people dying, for a year maybe, although of course more people starved to death from the lock downs in the third world.

Fauci said it wouldn’t stop transmission or stop you from getting it, and you’ll still have to wear a mask and socially distance.

He also said that there was a possibility that it will cause an increase in the deaths, like the ferrets who died in the SARS vaccine trial, the last time they tried to make a coronavirus vaccine.

Bill Gates censored himself saying everyone got side effects in the Moderna trials immediately and his wife is at a conference on population control talking about how the third world women won’t have to walk fifteen miles to get sterilized, they will bring it to them, the Pfizer sterilization shot.

I mean, this would then cause me to ask the question, should you get sterilized and exterminated? Is it good for the planet? Possibly so, it’s something to think about, and if you envy the dead, then you might have to learn to deal with those feelings of jealousy.

Vaccine envy. It’s kind of like penis envy, except maybe in reverse, but the good news is, if you’re still alive and without transverse myelitis or bell’s palsy, you can have unprotected sex all you want. Assuming they don’t make a new and more deadly AIDS virus, in the lab.

From the very beginning of this, I was not worried about the virus, I was worried about the vaccine, and my right to refuse it.

I said from the very minute I heard about coronavirus, and saw the disproportionate response, they made the virus in the lab, to sell the vaccine, but it’s not the money they want, that’s just a bonus.

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