The People Who Made The Virus In The Wuhan Lab

This is the first post I’ve done with that specific title, talking about the NIH who paid Eco Health Alliance 3.7 million, who then paid $600,000 to the Wuhan lab to work on gain of function on coronaviruses from bats.

That’s what the USA Today fact check said, but that’s the same USA Today that now tells you how to deal with your vaccine envy for not getting the experimental poison before your friends and family.

Prove it? They said they did it, the only thing they didn’t say was that they made this specific coronavirus from bats in that BSL 4 lab and released it on purpose, but they did a pre planning event a few months before they did, Event 201.

They also mentioned they would be running system wide routine simulations of a deliberate release of a respiratory pathogen in the WHO’s world at risk report that came out at the same time, September 2019.

So, that would therefore lead you to believe that they either released the virus they were working on, on purpose, or made the entire thing up, reclassified the flu.

I have heard many people say a friend or family member died, so if it exists at all, they made it and released it and told you they would before they did.

It’s not a new or unusual theory that they were making biological weapons, they had classified programs like that from 9/11 and before, which by the way was also a false flag attack on their own people.

I could continue to try to prove it, and I’m sure I will, but you either get it or you don’t, they’re the bad guys and they’re lying, while also pretty much admitting most of what they did.

The only possible justification they can have in their mind for doing what they’re doing is that there are too many people on earth, and not enough resources.

That link there talked about how just one element like phosphorous is enough to destroy the world if we continue to pump it into the ocean after using it as fertilizer and can’t recycle it.

There’s too much pollution, not enough food and fossil fuels, they want them all for themselves, but that is how they justify it.

Africa is starving, so by sterilizing and exterminating their population, there will be more food to go around and more resources for their corporations.

Given that as a situation, the only reason you would trust anything they said, ever again is because you were forced to, and if they forced you to do something like get injected with poison, you’d be well within your rights to defend yourself, if you could.

I’d be working on that one, as an idea, first working on letting everyone know why you would and should defend yourself and then actually getting the tools to do so.

When you pay tax dollars for a “defense” budget, not once has it ever been used for your defense, and while I used to support the public health care system my country has, almost every time I actually had any dealings with these people, doctors, I had to suppress my rage.

The central control by big pharma corporations or the bankers that own them is actually the main problem, the profit motive, and the potential for catastrophic damage to the whole human race, all at once.

People say that would be socialism if they made the health system public or non profit as well, but the main point there is trying to ensure the motives are helping people, not making money or population control. At least not without people’s knowledge or consent.

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