How Close Are We To The AI Robot Apocalypse?

This video talks about some of the advanced AI weapons systems with facial recognition software including flying drones, driverless tanks, walking robots, etc.

This page shows they have already killed thousands of people with drone strikes in Yemen, which probably isn’t even close to the actual number.

The war in Yemen is about the oil in the ground, which the USA and the Saudis want for themselves, and so they call anyone who gets in their way an Al Qaeda terrorist as they steal their oil.

They trained Al Qaeda in the first place, to protect their heroin, in Afghanistan, from the Russians. It may not be as simple as that, but nothing is ever black and white. You can generally follow the money to tell you why things happen.

The drone strikes and air strikes increased under Trump, who gave a hundred billion in weapons a year back to the Saudis after they blew up a school bus with a smart bomb.

The thing about these “smart bombs” that cost about a million dollars a piece is they are controlled remotely, by computers which could be hacked, or in the case of some of these weapons may operate almost on auto pilot based on what they see.

They are being programmed to seek out individual targets with facial recognition or those who appear to be armed, and kill them, even without the specific orders of an operator.

This is the set up to Skynet from the Terminator movies, or the machines that kept humans alive in comas to make power in the Matrix movies.

They are literally making a computer chip to go in your brain, they have created a massively invasive AI censorship and surveillance grid, they have your DNA, your facial features, your likes and dislikes, all of that on record.

They been tracking your emails, your text messages, your social media posts, your phone calls, everything you do, and they are now starting to talk about “domestic terrorists” at home.

It didn’t take much to convince people that they could lock up their own citizens for life for buying the drugs the government was selling, and it wouldn’t take much to convince them of new laws.

Laws that made it illegal to share “misinformation” or “hate speech” to cause “incitement” or whatever, they tried to put the president of the USA in jail for tweeting, or that was the propaganda campaign.

The fact is, they’re putting out the propaganda to make terrorists out of anyone who might oppose them, in the same way they pushed the drugs on groups they wanted to lock up, like black people.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re left or right, black or white, the basic fact is they’re showing clear signs of moving in the direction of wiping out anyone who they don’t like, anyone who opposes them and gets in the way of their money and power, all around the world.

Previously, it was profitable for them to force breeding women with the Nazi soldiers at the same time as they exterminated the poor racial stock, to further the master race.

To further the Catholic church and their empire, they said you couldn’t even use a condom or any sort of birth control, sex was all about procreation, be fruitful and multiply, and they did, and took over the earth like a plague.

More recently, they realized they don’t need massive armies of people anymore. They invented nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and increasingly, robot weapons that don’t even need a soldier in battle at all.

They can make the things they need using robots on the factory floor, it’s more profitable to do that, and in terms of making money, once you’re as rich as they are, you don’t even need it anymore.

Once you make your first billion dollars, once you own property and investments that give you a return, once you own the banks themselves and the printing presses for the money, you don’t need people to buy your crap.

You don’t need them to fight in wars, you don’t need them for anything really, they just become a liability in various ways.

I’m not saying people are a liability, life is something to be valued, but this is the way they look at it. Too many people, not enough resources, too much pollution, can’t afford to feed them, time to wipe them out.

To be completely honest, I almost see things the way they do, but only because they caused people to be a problem, due to the way they set up the system so that it’s not sustainable and poisons the earth.

It is capitalism that is the problem, because they only do what makes them money, and building sewerage treatment plants that turn sewerage back into fertilizer to go back on the land is not something that anyone would or even could do.

Not if it didn’t make money, and it wouldn’t, at least it wouldn’t be the most profitable investment if it made anything at all.

The most profitable investment would be making vaccines, that sterilized people for the billionaires, and it would also work out well for governments who couldn’t afford the cost of keeping old people alive.

If we look at all the ways capitalism has betrayed us, it seems like some form of socialism is the only answer, a resource based economy, or something like that, and we seem to be moving towards it in a great reset.

Whether it will actually make things better or worse is yet to be seen, but one thing we will have to do is inform the people of who these other people are, the elites, and what they may be planning to do, before it becomes too late to do anything about it, if we’re not already there.

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