Is Alex Jones A CIA Psy Op?

In the most basic definition of the media, it would all be a psychological operation because they’re trying to tell you the “news” with their own spin on it, to influence a political view or opinion.

In that sense, the opinion pieces and commentary of almost every single news presenter today are psy ops, but who are they working for, and why is the question.

This guy suggests that Alex Jones is a psy op by the CIA, which isn’t the first time I’ve heard that, and he said he has family members and contacts in the CIA himself.

The things he talks about are real, like more often than not it’s real information, but the way he presents it almost seems like it is designed to make a majority of people write it off, as a nut job conspiracy theory, because he is nuts.

He doesn’t act like the other news people, and that’s kind of the point, but is it controlled opposition? I wrote a post about Trump being controlled opposition, and I can’t see how anyone could not recognize that he was to some degree, if they spent enough time looking into it.

The other point is, can you even be anything other than the mainstream, or the controlled opposition? They have huge control, if they actually wanted Alex Jones silenced for real, he would be dead or in jail, it’s that simple. Take for example Julian Assange or Gary Webb.

I appreciate his show, I don’t necessarily want to label him a liar, or in bed with the deep state terrorists, while seeming to be stirring people up for a war with them, just so they can lose.

However, I would definitely advise people to be cautious when looking at Info Wars, as cautious as you should be when looking at any of the mainstream news, because you never know what motives may lie behind the message.

It’s possible that he, and many other people are just being fed information or misinformation that then causes them to be part of the plan that the elites are constructing, without even knowing that he was, and he even said that, himself.

Those people, the CIA, they would torture children as well as soldiers to split them into multiple personalities using drugs so they could then activate the personalities using hypnosis to assassinate a target and then snap back to the other personality, and not even know they did it.

I suspected the whole time that they might be running both sides of these psy ops at the same time, and that it’s larger and more sinister than anyone in their right mind could have imagined. I could be wrong, or I could be a psy op, inspired by a psy op.

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