Do Satanists Actually Run The World?

I just got a call from a private number, it was an Indian in a call center who said we’re very sorry but from tomorrow you will not be able to use the internet.

That’s all she said, and she hung up. It quite obviously wasn’t a scam designed to make money, I have gotten very similar calls before, but if it is actually true, then this may be the last post I write.

Of course I’m in a house with many other people, they couldn’t do that, I don’t think, but that then makes you look at the other possible reason they would do that.

They’re intimidating me for speaking out about the truth, and it’s not even nearly the first time they did that. I been banned from Facebook the majority of the last year, on my 8th 30 day ban. I got calls similar to that about once every month, got hacked, censored, generally threatened.

Given that I can’t talk about vaccines, and I can’t talk about the government being mass murdering drug dealing pedophiles, I thought I’d talk about the Jews.

As this guy is saying, it’s not all the Jews who are a problem, it’s not even mostly Jews who are the problem, it’s just there are specific Jewish families like the Rothschilds who have extreme power over the money.

I can’t really say how much money they have, it’s been estimated to be trillions, but nobody knows because they say that other people are the richest people in the world, to divert attention from themselves.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, they aren’t actually the richest people in the world, they’re just the front men for the money, and the real money men don’t even want to be seen.

They probably hide their money in gold and silver and use secret tax free bank accounts in the Cayman islands or whatever, loopholes, trust funds, they own the banks, they own the machines that print the money.

They own a large portion of all the central banks in the world although of course they hide that fact in a similar way to their actual wealth. I worked out from a Google search that the Rockerfeller family isn’t Jewish, or they say they’re not, but it doesn’t really matter, if they’re evil.

The thing about “Satanism” is you don’t have to tell the truth, follow laws, or do anything. There’s the Theistic Satanism where you actually worship the dark lord, and then there’s an Atheist version where you worship yourself.

I don’t usually like to put labels on people because just because you break laws or like to take drugs or have sex, it doesn’t necessarily make you completely evil, doesn’t even make you wrong, if you like it and it doesn’t hurt anybody else.

The thing about these people though, is they don’t care if they hurt anybody else, and if they have a particular mindset of psychopathy, they like hurting people, that’s what a psychopath is, and it makes them do particularly well in business.

Back to what this guy was saying, the covid scam is communism, communism is Zionism, and Zionsism is Satanism. Marx was a Jew, at least ethnically, he said religion was the opiate of the masses, don’t know if that really sells the whole idea of communism being a Jewish idea.

There was a cult in the valley of Gehenna, the valley of the sons of Hinnom, who sacrificed his own children by fire, and then the temple of Moloch was destroyed, and they build a real pit of fire there.

A real pit of fire, kept alight with real sulfur and brimstone, and they had real pitchforks to push in the bodies to burn alongside the rubbish from the city of Jerusalem, after the dogs had picked the meat off their bones.

There were real maggots, real gnashing of teeth and wailing, and a real bad smell, and again, I don’t view all Jews as being evil, it’s just that there was a particularly nasty group of elites ruling them at that time. Those type of people, if not those exact people, rule most of the world today as well.

Malachi said at the end of the old testament that if you dared to bring them old chewy mutton, instead of young tender lamb, they would rub sheep crap in your face, curse your seed for all future generations, and throw you on the manure pile, and then you would be taken away with it, to possibly be thrown into the pit, to burn alive.

It’s been said that they made the punishments sound so harsh just to reinforce the law, because they didn’t have jails, but when it’s a threat like that because of your free meat being too chewy, that might be enough to cause a revolution.

I’m not even religious, but if anyone can hear that story, and the rest of them in the bible, and still call themselves a Jew, without being brainwashed into thinking they were “born” as one, I do have a problem with them.

I also have a general problem with Christianity and Islam, and all of them, they’re pretty much all inherently sick death cults, and the “good” side of it is mostly just guilt that makes you easy to oppress and control.

Sorry, but religion and government just rubs me the wrong way, some more than others, it’s a scam for lamb, pure and simple, and that extends to almost every single thing they tell you, every law they make is just a way to make more shekels.

Nothing against people who are of the Jewish race, or who got raised to believe in it, but if you were to believe in it, you’d have to recognize there were some bad people in power then, and there still are today.

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