Farming With Death Chemicals

This video has been seen by over a million people already, it talks about the corrupt influence of the globalist powers seeking to takeover all aspects of life around the world including food production.

As the woman from India says in the video, these companies, Bayer/Monstanto for example, started out making death chemicals in Nazi Germany such as zyklon b and agent orange.

They made heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, etc, and tested new opiates on prisoners of war in death camps, along with sterilization methods.

They made pesticides like glyphosate which was used in Round Up ready genetically modified wheat and corn which cannot even be harvested without putting cancer causing chemicals directly into the food.

They were sued for billions of dollars for knowingly causing cancer to hundreds of thousands of people, and scientists say Atrazine is even worse, but they keep using it, and a majority of people don’t even realize it’s happening.

They keep making new products that they can patent and sell, new GMO seeds, new chemical fertilizers, new poisons and systems to make them money, at the expense of the world’s health, and literally killing millions in the process.

Bill Gates is doing the exact same thing with the world’s health industry which he seeks to completely dominate as well, along with his pals the Rockerfellers who funded Hitler’s election campaign, through Bayer.

They banned the cure it’s murder, is what the doctors said by the millions as they were censored by big tech who cover up these endless crimes against humanity, because they’re also invested in the industries.

This is a man who said that planting trees would not be a good way to reduce Co2 in an interview with MIT.

Bill Gates says the idea that trees suck up carbon dioxide is wrong.

“Any of these schemes that claim to remove carbon for $5, $15, $30 a ton? Just look at it.

The idea that there are all these places where there’s plenty of good soil and plenty of good water and just accidentally, the trees didn’t grow there—and if you plant a tree there, it’s going to be there for thousands of years—[is wrong].

The lack of validity for most of that tree planting is one of those things where this movement is not an honest movement yet. It doesn’t know how to measure truth yet. There are all sorts of hokey things that allow people to use their PR budgets to buy virtue but aren’t really having the impact. And we’ll get smarter over time about what is a real offset.”

Bill Gates

This is a man who wants everyone in the West to be injected with experimental poison and wants them to stop eating meat altogether and eat meat substitutes that he owns, to reduce Co2.

But planting trees, to replace the countless billions of trees that humans have felled as part of their activities which actually do the best job of sucking up Co2, that doesn’t make him any money, so it doesn’t work.

On the one hand, I can almost understand that point of view, you need to make money to make a project viable in a capitalist society of cutthroat corporate criminals, if you have to rely on more money to do more projects.

However the way he lies, and the obvious joy he gets from hearing of the suffering he causes with his lies makes me certain he is nothing more than a complete psychopathic nutcase who must be wiped off the face of the earth along with all of his kind before he does the same to all of us.

If you need justification of that statement, if you don’t accept it to be justifiable self defense, have another read of this post, have another think about what they did and what they’re still doing with their death chemicals that save the world.

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