The Insane Traitorous Lies And Crimes Of Joe Biden

My last post was about a former Clinton advisor going on Fox News to say the Biden administration and the policies starting to show themselves are like Mussolini’s Italy, although perhaps they are more like modern day China.

That’s not the first time a Democrat came out and accused him of imposing martial law, Tulsi Gabbard did the same thing, on Fox News.

I haven’t always had a particularly good alignment with the ideas of Fox News or American Christian conservatives, I’m a musician in Australia.

For most of my life I was left wing, even far left wing, in terms of personal freedom, helping the poor, fighting the power of the rich elite corporations, I even supported democratic socialism as a concept, provided it was actually democratic and run by and for the people.

That seems to be the main problem here, the ruthless elites have run the world as a monopoly for so long that if you trusted them by giving them more power through the government, they would be almost certain to abuse it.

People who suggest the government just stays out of people’s business have a different problem, the elite corporations will just take over everything, and you will have no rights at all.

That’s pretty much what feudalism was. The kings and czars and conquerors of old, they just took everything, and once they have everything, you do what they say, or else.

This is why you might need a government, to protect people from crime at the lower level as street thugs, but also from the top level corporate criminals, and criminality in the government itself.

It doesn’t make any sense to be locking up millions of people for drug possession while the CIA and the US army protect their drug profits, and continue to cause the problem on purpose, for their own financial gain.

This old man with dementia, a black mailed pedophile puppet of this deep state mafia machine, said that the genocide of millions in death camps in China was just different social norms.

In these reeducation camps, they rape these women three at a time, including with cattle prods, pins under the fingernails, killing them to sell their organs, horrible torture and genocide.

This while Canadian prime minister Trudeau also said he has an admiration for the totalitarian country.

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, ‘We need to go green … we need to start investing in solar.’”

Justin Trudeau

Investing in solar as opposed to coal is therefore more important than trying to prevent millions of people being tortured to death in a genocide that is worse than the Jews in Nazi Germany.

This is the logic of the great reset, they give you a basic palatable reason for why they have to completely wipe you off the face of the earth while taking all your possessions, and most people just seem to accept it.

Why do people accept totalitarianism? Why do they allow such people to get away with saying such things, doing such things?

It’s brainwashing from the moment you’re born. Guy wears a suit or has a badge or a uniform, he has the authority to do things that other people would be put in jail for life or executed for doing.

They are an organized crime group, and most people don’t organize as any sort of group other than their family and friends.

This is the fundamental problem, people are lazy, they’re scared, they always saw the crimes of these people as somebody else’s problem, until it becomes their own, and by then, it’s too late.

Biden has announced plans to take people’s guns away, and I’m not just saying that, he says it on his site, and these armed men in uniforms are trained to follow any orders you give them because they’re stupid.

I mean in that particular case, they’d be risking their life to go against the second amendment of the constitution in order to keep their job, while taking away their own people’s power. They already took most of our guns here, never seen one in my life.

Biden is a weak, demented puppet. He wasn’t always a half wit, but when he wasn’t, the extra brain power was used for evil.

On the one hand, it might be good if people didn’t have guns, and sex and drugs were legal and affordable to reduce crime, but there would still be one group of people you might need guns to protect yourself from. The government.

We’re approaching that time when you either take the great leap forward with the new world order totalitarian takeover plan, or you fight against it, but if you can’t convince those order followers to stop following orders, from men like these, we’re screwed.

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Biden is a racist,corrupt pedophile monster with half a working brain.

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