Biden Forced To Give Up Nuclear Launch Codes To Pelosi

So just a bit over a month after this traitorous pedophile puppet of China and the globalists got into office, the deep state who put him in that position saw what everyone else saw, he’s not fit to be president.

He’s got dementia, he’s compromised by multiple sources, but they knew that the whole time, they knew he was on video touching the kids and making deals with China and the Ukraine before all the other Democratic candidates pulled out of the race so he could beat Bernie Sanders.

They then made sure he won the election, and I did see multiple examples of election fraud, as did millions of people. Didn’t seem to matter.

Here’s a link to Fox News where they say that’s it’s really weird and unconstitutional that they would try to take that nuclear power out of the hands of the president, and even weirder that they allowed such a man to be president in the first place.

Here’s the Info Wars take on it, Nancy Pelosi told Biden to transfer the nuclear codes to her, which effectively means she’s the president in the event of an emergency attack.

Here’s a Daily Mail article which suggests that a previous “unhinged” president was justification for the proposed policy change.

Although of course it was the psychopaths who actually run the world that led to that whole argument between the mainstream media and the “conspiracy theorists” including Trump himself, it seemed.

He was censored and threatened along with millions of people who voted for him, and this is a power grab, but the real question is power for who, and what are they trying to do with that power?

Well, as I mentioned in the last post, Elon Musk said that the arms race for control of AI technology was likely to cause world war three, which might actually involve various weapons of mass destruction.

We may have nuclear war as well as the biological and chemical warfare with the virus they made in a lab, and the toxic experimental vaccine that changes your DNA.

I don’t think they want to use nuclear weapons, but they don’t even have to, they got killer drones and driverless tanks and directed energy weapons that they can fire from space.

In a way, I’m kind of glad that bumbling fool doesn’t have control of it, (or he won’t very soon if he hasn’t signed the proposal yet), but what does it say for the state of the world that that’s who they put in that position?

In no way whatsoever was it the people who decided that that was the man best suited to be the “leader of the free world”. What a joke. America is doomed.

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