Are The Elites All Bad Or Are They Trying To Save The World?

This is Elon Musk explaining how the technology he’s making will destroy the world and replace human intelligence with artificial intelligence, AI.

He says it’s already too late, that’s the title of this video, and he says he tried to talk them out of it, but it was futile. Here’s the full interview with Joe Rogan that was taken from.

He is the second richest man in the world, or he is at the moment, just took over Bill Gates, but those are misleading stats, it’s more like rich families and governments and powerful organizations who have the most money and power to decide what happens.

I sort of understand where he’s coming from, the technology will increase as it already has, there will be an arms race for controlling AI, the victor will rule the world.

We will be replaced by robots on the factory floor, and have our numbers reduced substantially to save resources.

He says it’s already too late to stop it, and I sort of agree with that after seeing how slowly people respond to this threat, how few even understand that there is even a threat, yet.

What he talks about is a time in the future when we will have mastered technology so that we can live in a virtual world, on spaceships, in a Star Trek style holodeck, or in simulated worlds like the Matrix.

He says that the future for earth is bleak, no matter what happens, so we’ll have to try to colonize Mars and make that work for us. Have to nuke it first, to warm it up, and the first people to go will probably die, but where better to die than on Mars.

He couldn’t possibly have a more dark outlook on the world, but in a way, I almost understand what he’s saying.

Even with all his money and power, there was no way he was going to stop the advance of technology and weapons and robots and computers, it was an unstoppable force.

The human race was an unstoppable force, up until the point that it reached the limit of how much their home planet could sustain them.

We have pretty much reached that, at least that’s what these elites seem to think. They think that we will kill ourselves with technology with or without their help.

If they do nothing, the people of the world will slowly poison the planet to death with various deadly compounds used in manufacturing and farming, nuclear waste, toxic compounds, smog.

They will use up all the non renewable resources and reach a point at which life becomes impossible for all but the elite few.

This is not a foregone conclusion, we could change our ways and live sustainably, but given our unwillingness to fight them, it seems that they will decide how that happens.

These being the very people who poisoned the world in the first place through ruthless, cutthroat business practices.

I mentioned how Bill Gates said that planting trees was not a viable solution to Co2 emissions, and he wouldn’t say why exactly, but I’m guessing the reason is, it wouldn’t make money.

They clear forests to make the farmland he owns and he’s not going to go against the profits of Bayer/Monsanto, is he?

They need new GMO seeds and new fertilizers and herbicides and pesticides to poison us as they poison the earth, to make money, while saying they’re saving the world.

From a very sick and twisted perspective I could see how you need to control the population numbers to save the world, just to prevent more of the same things he’s doing.

However the best way to handle that would be to be honest about it, which if he actually was honest about the extent of his crimes, would get him and the rest of his kind wiped of the face of the earth, as the first to go.

Check out the prepping page for more.

As for Elon Musk, he is a bit more honest about his dark calling, in making the machines that will destroy most of the human race and turn them into cyborgs connected in a hive mind like the Borg, and so I don’t view him as bad as the other elite billionaires.

Mark Zuckerberg is also trying go come up with a “non invasive” brain computer interface as well, training thousands of journalists in reporting “real news”, making his own cryptocurrency, (now called Diem), spying on every single thing you do on or off his site, and now he’ll be inside your brain, censoring your thoughts, which is just great.

Just keep trusting these people, they’re doing such a great job of wiping out humanity. The thing to be most worried about is when they try to tell you that they’re not.

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